Digitisation in manufacturing

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The digital transformation is well under way, including in Swiss industry. In Industry 4.0, the overarching focus is on efficiently connecting people, systems, machines, products and companies throughout the entire value chain. Smart manufacturing is the vision, digitisation the means: giving you more flexibility, improved efficiency and greater productivity, plus increased value for customers.

Digitisation is the key to smart manufacturing 

With smart manufacturing from Swisscom, we will help you shed light on your company and the environment as a whole. The first step is a thorough reflection on your digital maturity level. You can then select useful, practical steps without jeopardising existing investments and customer relationships, and without losing sight of the strategy.

With the support of our experts, we’ll find the ideal solution combination for you and maximise your digital potential for the benefit of your company. Swisscom gives you comprehensive, individual support with a holistic approach, from business consulting and software development through to the integration and operation of your solution. 

The 5 areas of focus of smart manufacturing 

Through our holistic service, we help you take a future-oriented approach to all aspects of product development, integrated supply chain, production, service provision and disposal. The goal is a sound smart manufacturing vision, including the big picture and pragmatically implemented fields of action. This is how to make smart manufacturing a reality. 

Smart Factory

Simplify and automate workflows, prevent media disruptions, break down company silos, strengthen collaboration and leverage synergies. Profitable interaction can only be achieved with digital workplaces that connect employees horizontally (M2M) and vertically (top floor to shop floor). 

Data-Driven Business

A key to success is an end-to-end data concept that breaks down silos, makes product and customer data available, enriches data to produce useful information and generates standardised dashboards. This creates a transparent view of all aspects of the company. 

Smart Products

Customers are moving away from wanting to purchase hardware and towards the purchase of services that optimally meet their requirements and add value. This requires smart, connected products that carry, collect and communicate information throughout their life cycle and use cycle. 

Smart Supply Chain

Industrial companies have to be able to rely on good planning and control to ensure the optimum use of available resources and reach make-or-buy decisions. This is the only way to guarantee quality, reliable deliveries, cost efficiency and flexible response to changes. 

We optimise and automate your core and support processes, creating the basis for resilient planning and control, improved efficiency, and flexible, resilient value chains. Customer-specific process modifications are easy to implement and strengthen your market differentiation. 

Smart Customer Experience

Customers today use their preferred interaction channel to stay informed 24/7. Purchase decisions are prepared much earlier, and the added value of products only becomes apparent in real use. Without a 360-degree customer view, companies run the risk of losing touch with their customers and the market. 

We offer customised solutions for inspiring customer experiences, enable a 360-degree view of your customers and make new business models possible. We develop and optimise the customer journey and ensure a consistent customer experience across all relevant touchpoints.

Want to find out more? 

Envisioning Workshop

Are you interested in smart production? Join our experts for a free workshop and discuss possible options for your company.

Why smart manufacturing with Swisscom? 

End-to-end view

Holistic approach, from the strategy through to implementation and operation.

Comprehensive expertise

Wide-ranging experience from many successfully implemented projects.

Powerful ecosystem

Innovative partner companies with extensive manufacturing expertise.

Customised solution

With our vendor-independent service, we’ll help you find the right digitisation solution for you.

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