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Accelerate your business transformation with SAP S/4HANA

Are you concerned about the transition to SAP S/4HANA? Choosing the right strategy doesn’t have to be difficult. In the ‘Discover & Prepare’ workshops, experienced S/4HANA specialists determine the best way to switch your SAP system landscape to SAP S/4HANA.

Four hundred accomplished, SAP-certified consultants help you with everything from strategy and technology advice to industry-specific implementation and operating stable SAP systems hosted in Switzerland. Swisscom, the largest national full service SAP partner for end-to-end integration, offers Swiss companies everything they need from a single source.



We know SAP inside and out. This makes us ideal partners for realising the full potential of your SAP solution.

Lay the perfect foundation for your transition to SAP S/4HANA and take full advantage of the digital age in no time at all. We will develop your ideal SAP strategy with you and design a technology base that will unleash your digital future with S/4HANA.

Our multidisciplinary, integrated project teams combine industry, process and technological expertise. They all adhere to the highest quality standards – from extensive S/4HANA projects with an international roll-out to the integration of a single interface.

Knowledge is power, and your data contains infinite knowledge – about your past and your future. Take advantage of this knowledge: run your decision-making and planning processes in real time.

We have 120 dedicated SAP sourcing specialists to ensure the stable operation of your SAP platforms. We offer flexible operating models for SAP applications and infrastructure. They are available as IaaS or PaaS models upon request. Take advantage of the Enterprise Cloud for SAP – a flexible, affordable and on-demand platform that ensures stable SAP operations and data storage in Switzerland.

SAP offers many cloud computing solutions, so called Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). The applications are provided via Internet, enabling customers to access the SaaS application directly from a browser. Furthermore, customers always work with the latest application version. We are here to help you get the most out of your SAP SaaS solution.


SAP Ariba Consulting

Procurement of the future with SAP Ariba Snap for SMEs. Our experts will advise and help you to digitise your procurement.

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Customer Engagement Portfolio

Enjoy outstanding customer relations. Reach out to your customers individually with the Customer Engagement Portfolio.

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Jörg Knaus

Chief Solution Architect






Successful handling of data


Robotic Process Automation

Standard processes in companies can be automated easily and effectively. Get to know the advantages of RPA and find out where RPA can be used.


Regular exchange

SAP S/4HANA Community

Join the SAP S/4HANA community and exchange practical experiences with other SAP customers.


Your reliable, SAP full service provider

All from a single source

We are the largest full service provider in the country: our clients get everything from a single source. They have a single point of contact for all their needs, from the initial consultation to the comprehensive, all-inclusive operation of your SAP systems.

Industry expertise

We have extensive industry and process expertise across a whole range of industries. We know and understand the specific needs and challenges inherent to each industry.

Technology leader

Many of our employees are die-hard techies. They keep up to date about the latest technological trends – in SAP and beyond. The Swisscom S/4HANA Innovation Hub, for instance, has been around for more than four years.

SAP pioneer

Swisscom is an innovative SAP customer. We are often the first company to implement state-of-the-art solutions in our own facilities. As a market customer, you directly benefit from our experience in this field.

15 SAP Quality awards in eight years

Our experienced project managers pursue quality without compromise. Meeting project targets – scope, time, budget – is their ultimate priority.

Our awards up close

Local roots, global reach

We have clients and consultants in all regions of Switzerland, who speak all the languages of Switzerland. For our Swiss-based international clients, we carry out roll-outs all over the world.

S /4HANA tips and tricks – from peer to peer

Join the Swiss SAP S/4HANA community for the latest insights – tried and tested by experts

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