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My Swisscom Partner Network status Shop appointment Contact

Internet, service, fixed network & TV for SMEs

Find the right Internet, service, telephony, TV products and packages for you and your customers.

Flexible combination packages

Find the right subscription for your enterprise in the practical subscription overview.


Here you will find the right broadband offer, location networking solutions, public WLAN for your customers and much more.


Best service for Swiss SMEs. We take care of it all so that you can concentrate fully on your business.


Overview of our fixed network subscriptions, phones and accessories, as well as useful additional services such as teleconferencing or memorable phone numbers.


Top entertainment for public spaces or at home.


our special


Ready for today and tomorrow

Focus on your core business, collaborate efficiently and offer your customers the best possible experience with Swisscom ICT Services.

Swiss SMEs choose Swisscom.

You enjoy outstanding quality, reliability, comprehensive products,
advanced technology and excellent service with Swisscom.

SME benefit

You enjoy 15% discount on your mobile subscriptions with the inOne SME benefit.


Our promise: best service for all Swiss SMEs. 7Ă—24 h

All IP

SMEs enjoy all the benefits of advanced network technology thanks to All IP.

Fibre optics

Enjoy up to 1 Gbit/s with Switzerland’s largest fibre-optic network.