Microsoft Azure Cloud leasing

A simple cloud rental model for CPU-intensive applications

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Access CAD, BIM, machine learning and IoT applications with Microsoft Azure Cloud without investing in your own expensive infrastructure. Source the precise cloud processing power you need and only pay for what you use. With Premier Support, any issues that you report are given top priority, meaning that you also benefit from the fastest response times.

Using Azure

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Jointly edit and save technical drawings

Access construction plans, CAD projects and management systems that use vast amounts of data from anywhere and work on these securely together with others.

Flexibly adjust your processing power and storage space

Enjoy flexible processing power for complex data analyses and use the cloud for specific requirements such as CDN or IoT.

Azure Teaser
Azure Teaser

Simple cost budgeting

Only pay for the cloud computing resources that you actually use. The transparent rental model also saves on expensive procurement costs, simplifying your budget planning and improving investment security for you.

Your benefits

State-of-the-art services from Microsoft Cloud without the need to build or maintain internal employee knowledge or infrastructure.

Complete cost control as you only pay for what you actually use.

Swift, top-priority support from Microsoft.

When is Azure the right solution?

If you want to use the established Microsoft services, but you value local, on-site support and also want comprehensive support from specialists.


Do your data volumes vary due to seasonal fluctuations, changes in the number of employees or different accounting periods? You can adjust Microsoft Azure Cloud to your requirements at any time.


Azure caters to the individual needs of SMEs of all sizes, particularly in the areas of architecture, real estate, services, skilled trades and construction. However, the solution is also suitable for other industries.

What’s in it for you:

  • State-of-the-art cloud infrastructure on demand
  • Suitable for SMEs of any size
  • Local, on-site support

Why Swisscom?

  • We offer you a comprehensive support service, including consulting, analysis, implementation and training.
  • Individual, on-site support: from your local IT partner and certified Microsoft specialists from Swisscom.
  • Top priority and fastest response to your enquiries: courtesy of exclusive access to Premier Support, the highest level of support from Microsoft.

Get started with Azure

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Wondering if Microsoft Azure is the right cloud-based solution for your business? Let’s find out together.


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Swisscom was chosen as Microsoft’s Country Partner of the Year in 2020. As a full-service provider, Swisscom is extremely well-positioned to support companies of any size on their journey to the Microsoft Cloud.

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Local IT partners will advise you on our products and services and provide implementation support.

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