New Way of Working for SMEs

Our modern workplace creates excellent working conditions

Today’s digital workplace offers a modern working environment for intelligent communication and efficient mobile collaboration, maximising productivity and accelerating innovation. Modern workplace solutions provide optimum support for employees and are key to ensuring top performance.

Digital workplaces – the new norm

Employees are increasingly demanding new ways of working. In many quarters, mobile working and hybrid workplaces are already the norm. Our extensively networked private lives and the way people use media today mean sharing data, communicating asynchronously via chat or making video calls have become part of our everyday lives. It is only natural that these practices and forms of social communication should now also move into the world of work, where they offer significant potential for improving efficiency.


As the opportunities offered by digitisation of the workplace increase, however, so too does the complexity. There are a great many risks alongside these opportunities, which is why SMEs need reliable partners who are familiar with this modern workplace and from whom they can source exactly those aspects of the digital workplace that they currently need.

Swisscom: a good partner for your SME

Comprehensive range of products

Swisscom is a one-stop shop for digital workplace solutions, offering a comprehensive range of products to cover every need.

Proven expertise

We know all there is to know about the modern workplace and support you and your SME with our specialist expertise.

Comprehensive customer service

You can rely on our comprehensive service in all these areas of New Way of Working.

  • 80% of Swiss SMEs see mobile workplaces and home working as a major opportunity for their business, for new employees too.

    MSM Research, Sommer Update Report, 2021

  • 63% of Swiss small businesses plan to invest in suitable hardware and communication solutions in the next 12 months.

    MSM Research, Sommer Update Report, 2021

  • For more than half of all Swiss SMEs surveyed, IT infrastructure and IT data security are the most important issues; investment increased in this area by 20% in the last year alone.

    FHNW School of Business, Future Work Barometer, 2021

New Way of Working for your SME


Analyse your ICT environment to identify areas that could benefit from optimisation.

Teams training

Learn how to use Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams from our team of experts.

Smart ICT

Workplace as a Service – source precisely the elements you need.

Microsoft 365 Business

Increase the productivity of your teams with intelligent collaboration and communication.

Microsoft Dynamics

Mandate in porto la transizione digitale con Microsoft Dynamics.

Everything you need to know about New Way of Working for SMEs

Meet the Expert


Learn how to improve your focus when you work from home. Our e-learning gives you useful tips your everyday life in a few simple steps.

Discover why SMEs rely on digital workplaces from Swisscom

The modern workplace

Reliable, modern ICT infrastructure

Your challenge

You are looking for secure, reliable infrastructure that is tailored to your requirements. With an experienced partner that can provide what you need.

Our solution

Our offering is highly flexible and specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs, giving you easy access to the world of modern, digital workplaces. Sourcing your IT infrastructure from Swisscom gives you the benefit of up-to-date expert knowledge and the latest technology at the lowest cost.


Location-independent collaboration


Secure, location-independent data storage

Staff training

User training courses

Certified IT partners


Local service whenever you need it

Local IT partners will advise you on our products and services and provide implementation support.

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