Your mobile phone and tablet is insured against the following:

  • Drop and display damage
  • Water damage
  • Call misuse due to theft


CHF49.– /for 2 years
Instead of ${priceInstead}

Available in the Swisscom Online Shop and the Swisscom Shop when buying a new mobile phone or tablet.

The mobile and tablet insurance covers:

  • Drop and display damage:
    for example, you drop your mobile phone and the display shatters.

  • Water damage:
    for example, you drop your mobile phone in the bath and it no longer works.

  • Call misuse due to theft:
    for example, Your stolen mobile phone is used to make calls – the resulting costs are insured
    for up to CHF 1,500.

More details about cover and the procedure in the event of damage


The insurance premium depends on the retail price of the mobile phone or tablet 
(without subscription).


Verkaufspreis ohne Abo

bis 299.95

300.– bis 599.95

600.– bis 899.95

900.– bis 1500.–

Prämientarif für 24 Monate





  • All prices in CHF including VAT
  • Valid once the insurance agreement has been signed, upon payment in the shop
  • Valid for 24 months, cannot be extended
  • A contract can be agreed for all mobile phones or tablet, including iPhones