Unlock SIM card, forgotten PUK code and SIM PIN

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Unlock your SIM or your device if you have forgotten the SIM PIN, PUK or device code.

Forgotten SIM PIN

Use the SIM PIN to unlock your SIM so that you can use your device on the Swisscom mobile network. If you have forgotten the SIM PIN, enter the wrong PIN intentionally 3 times. You can then unlock your device with the PUK and choose a new SIM PIN. You will find your PUK in My Swisscom.

Help - forgotten device code
Help - forgotten device code

PUK entered incorrectly

If you enter the PUK code incorrectly ten times, we deactivate your SIM. You need a replacement SIM.

Order a new SIM card.

Forgotten device code

You set your device’s screen lock code on your device itself.

You can use this code/unlock pattern to unlock your display.

The device manufacturer determines how many incorrect attempts it takes before the device is locked and how to re-access your device. Swisscom has no influence on the unlocking mechanism and cannot reset the code.

Help for Apple devices
Help for Samsung devices(opens in new tab)

Help - forgotten device code

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