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Ukraine: Swisscom supports

Тут ви можете знайти сторінку з питаннями українською мовою

Здесь вы можете найти страницу часто задаваемых вопросов на русском языке

Providing Permit S and updating of personal information FAQs

To comply with the law, Swisscom must validate the identity of its customers. If you have received a request from us to supply a valid Permit S, this is because the document we have on our system is not sufficient.

Please mind that only the Swiss Permit S is suitable for the identification process.

It means that the document provided when you first received the number does not comply with Swisscom’s internal requirements. This may be because the scanned document is of a poor quality, the wrong document has been provided (such as a driving licence or Ukrainian national passport) or the wrong scan has been attached, etc.

Yes. If you want to continue using your number, then you need to provide us with a valid Permit S. Swisscom acts according to Federal Law Regulations requiring every user to provide a valid identification document to obtain a phone number. That is why it is critically important for you to go through the identification process to supply Swisscom with all the information necessary in order to continue using our service.

In the SMS you receive you will see the deadline by which you need to provide Swisscom with the valid Permit S.

If you fail to visit Swisscom shop and provide your Permit S before the deadline stated in your SMS, your number will be automatically suspended until we receive the required document.

If you cannot use your phone number anymore, that means we deactivated your number because you failed to provide us with your valid Permit S.

No, if your number was deactivated, it is not possible to reactivate it. However, you can buy a new subscription with an offer for Ukrainian refugees.

As per Swisscom regulations, children under 18 cannot independently obtain a subscription. Parents are responsible for purchasing a package for their children over the age of 11 and completing the subscription process on their behalf.

No, to complete the identification process you need to be present personally. Bring your valid permit S and mobile phone. Your relatives or friends cannot do that for you.

The process of identification and updating information in Swisscom shop takes approximately 15 minutes.

You can go to any Swisscom shop. Please note that you will need to bring your valid Permit S to successfully complete the process.

Find a Swisscom shop near you:öffnet ein neues Fenster)

At present, Swisscom can only accept Swiss Permit S. No other documents are currently accepted.

No, driving licence іs not accepted.

As it is in Ukrainian, the Ukrainian national passport isn’t accepted. Please use your Swiss Permit S instead.

If you are currently in the process of renewing your Permit S, you can still use your old Permit S. But you will have to provide us with the new Permit S as soon as you receive it.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, you can reach out to our Swisscom Customer Support by calling 0800 800 800.

Changes to subscription plan FAQs

Every user who was given a special offer for refugees by Swisscom before 01.12.2022 has been sent or will soon be sent an SMS notifying them about changes to their current subscription.

Swisscom has decided to make these changes to give its users more freedom and to treat them in the same way as its other customers. From now on, users can activate additional services in the Cockpit that were previously disabled.

No. Only those users who activated their subscription before 01.12.2022 will receive this message. Users who activated their subscription after this date have been using their subscription under the new rules. If you are unsure about your subscription type, you can check it in the Cockpit.

No, you don't need to do anything. These messages are standard informational SMS messages that everyone receives when switching to a prepaid offer.

Swisscom is changing subscription type, which may cause some users to experience network interruptions. Please wait patiently until you receive an SMS notification confirming that your subscription type has been changed. To restore your connection, restart your phone or enable a Flight (Airplane) mode, wait for a few seconds, and then disable it. Following this, your connection should be restored.

If the issue continues to occur, please contact our Ukrainian/Russian-speaking Customer Support at 0800 800 800 between 9 am and 4 pm to determine if there is a problem.

Please, igrone this message. It's a standard SMS sent to everyone switching to a Prepaid offer with less than 20 CHF credit.

Swisscom has decided to keep the offer for Ukrainian refugees free of charge until further notice. However, note that if you wish to purchase offers not included in the package, such as roaming, you will need sufficient credit on your account.

If you activated your number before 01.12.2022 and received a message stating that your subscription plan is being changed, it indicates that you are being migrated to a new subscription. Typically, the process of changing subscription types takes about 15-20 minutes. If you received a message stating that you were charged for some service, it means you used this service during the transition period. You should ignore this message, as it's a standard SMS. The offer remains free, and Swisscom does not charge anything. Once the process is fully completed, you will receive an SMS notifying you about it.

Yes. If you started using your number after 01.12.2022, you have already received the prepaid offer and the changes do not apply to you. Visit your Cockpit to check your account statement.

All users of the special offer for Ukrainian refugees will receive a notification SMS at some point. There are several rounds of customer notifications. If you haven’t received an SMS yet, you will receive it sometime soon.

These changes mean that users are now given a 30-day package including:

- 900 mins of calls within Switzerland and to Ukraine (then 10 centimes/min)
- 90 mins of international calls (then standard tariff)
- 900 SMS
- Unlimited Internet at a reduced speed within Switzerland once the 10 GB allowance is reached.

Users also have greater freedom to manage their subscription options and can activate additional services, such as roaming. Remaining package allowances can be checked in the user’s personal Cockpit by going toöffnet ein neues Fenster)

As soon as all the above-mentioned inclusive allowances have been used up, usage is at the standard rate (see prepaid details under the prepaid basic rate on the websiteöffnet ein neues Fenster)).

You must have sufficient credit on your prepaid account to continue using your number once the inclusive allowances have been used up. Credit must be topped up in advance so that the usage can be deducted from this credit. If there is no credit and the inclusive allowances have been used up, the number cannot be used until the start of the following month. You can find out how to top up your credit atöffnet ein neues Fenster) under the "Top up credit" tab.

If you have used up the 90 mins of international calls provided and attempt to make another international call, you will be charged per minute. Once your account credit runs out, the call will be interrupted. Therefore, it is beneficial for you to buy an additional package of international calls in advance, as it will be cheaper.

Please contact Customer Support 0800 800 800 to find out if there is an issue.

You can reach out to our Customer Support by calling 0800 800 800.

No, the offer remains free of charge until further notice. However, when the basic package allowance is exceeded, the user must pay for additional usage. Also, any paid traffic that is not a part of the package (such as roaming, for example) will be deducted directly from the account if there is sufficient credit. In order to use these services, credit must be topped up so that sufficient credit is available.

Yes. From now on users have the option to activate roaming when traveling abroad. This service was previously disabled but it is now possible to activate roaming when traveling outside Switzerland. This can be done in the personal Cockpit.  However, in order to be able to use roaming, sufficient credit must be available on your account. If this is not the case and you want to use roaming, you must first top up your credit.

You can activate additional services in the Cockpitöffnet ein neues Fenster). Please note, that additional services are chargable and you will need to have enough credit on your balance to activate them.

You can top up your balance in your Cockpitöffnet ein neues Fenster) or go to our website and check the list of other top-up options.öffnet ein neues Fenster)

1. In the field "What would you like to do?" select "Top up credit".
2. Click "Additional prepaid top-up options".
After selecting it, you will see a list of possible methods to top up your account balance.
3. Choose the one that suits you best!

You can check the cost of the roaming package in the Cockpitöffnet ein neues Fenster) or by visiting our websiteöffnet ein neues Fenster). Then click on the blue button "Roaming tariff enquiry". There you can select the country you want to travel to and select "Prepaid" for the mobile subscription. You will then see all possible roaming packages that are suitable for you. These packages are valid for 12 months .

Yes, in this case you will incur roaming charges. To avoid this, we recommend that you switch off automatic network selection or automatic roaming on your device.

- Internet within Switzerland (unlimited at a reduced speed once the 10 GB allowance is reached)
- 900 SMS
- 900 mins of calls within Switzerland and calls to Ukraine
- 90 mins of international calls.

Any usage that exceeds these package allowances will incur additional costs. The usage costs are deducted directly from the available credit. If there is not enough credit available, you will not be able to use the service until the package is renewed. The package is automatically renewed every 30 days.

You have 90 minutes of calls per month to any country.

Shortly before you reach your roaming limit, you will be notified by SMS (with 20% credit remaining). Once the limit is reached, you will receive another SMS, after which calls and mobile Internet will be interrupted. To ensure that you have control of your spending, you can only surf and make calls again once you have increased your roaming limit in the Swisscom Cockpit.

You can find all the information you need on the cost of services on Swisscom's websiteöffnet ein neues Fenster) .
There you need to select a country name from the list and "Prepaid" from the subscriptions. You can then see all the prices for calls, SMS, roaming, etc. that will occur when you want to purchase additional services.

The offer will remain free of charge until further notice. Swisscom will notify users directly of any extension or adjustments to the offer via SMS.

If the SIM card and the prepaid offer are no longer being used, you should contact the hotline (0800 800 800) so that we can cancel the offer and the number.

The Cockpit is the user’s personal account where they can manage the devices linked to their subscription, track their data usage, buy data packages, and stay on top of current charges when abroad.

You can access the Cockpit directly from your smartphone or using a laptop:öffnet ein neues Fenster) (just enter the phone number and the SMS code you receive).

Connecting to the Swisscom Cockpit is free and will not incur any charges in Switzerland or abroad.