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We are the payment solutions provider that helps banking institutions like you to overcome any challenges.

We meet increasingly stringent payment transaction regulations reliably and manage payments in a fail-safe way, without interruptions.

Bank customers are demanding real-time account management, required for innovations at the customer interface such as instant payment.

Key factors: availability and speed

Data exchange and payment processing demands are growing, as are transaction volumes. Payment processing solutions must therefore process an ever-increasing number of financial transactions.

You can bring costs down by leveraging standardisation and real-time, automated processing. Besides speed, the quality and price of these solutions are also important. Equip your bank for the future with a comprehensive modular offering that extends far beyond simple payment transactions (such as an instant payment provider) and benefit from the expertise of the market leader in the field of payment solutions.

Why Swisscom is your ideal payment partner

We provide you with solutions to cover all of your payment transaction needs.

Highly available, scalable solutions from Tier 4 data centres reduce expense and risk.

You can rely on our expertise and payment solutions, including back-office outsourcing.

Our payment solutions for your bank

Why banks rely on Swisscom payment solutions

Customer requirements

AKB wanted to be one of the first banks to offer its customers multibanking. Its aim was to strengthen its role as the principal bank for SMEs. Multibanking provides the bank with clearer customer profiles, enabling optimised customer service and intelligent liquidity management, as well as improved user experiences and an increased volume of payments.

The support offered by Swisscom

Swisscom supported AKB with proper integration and managed services. Multibanking is based on the existing Contovista frontend and Crealogix backend. In its capacity as strategic partner, Swisscom operates all customer-relevant systems. Just four months after the project launch, multibanking was up and running at AKB.

Customer requirements

The SGKB was looking for a solution to manage and process payment methods. Alongside optimal support for bank employees in the customer care process, the bank also wanted to offer customers the convenience of digital self-services.

The support offered by Swisscom

Swisscom is supporting SGKB with CardOne, which gives bank customers the added value of self-service, with simultaneous process savings for the banking institution. CardOne supports and frees up employees in their work processes.

Customer requirements

TKB had set itself the goal of growing its business with professional investors, asset managers and family offices, offering them more convenience and efficiency. It aimed data and documents to be downloadable at the touch of a button.

The support offered by Swisscom

Swisscom is offering TKB the desired improvements in both efficiency and convenience through its highly automated EBICS as a Service processes. The data packages for portfolio management have been greatly ramped up and electronic documents are transferred via EBICS.

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