End-to-end compliance ​  thanks to our banking security services

  • Hyprides Client Onboarding
  • Crypto AML Compliance
  • Fraud Prevention Service
  • Web Application Security
  • Mobile Voice Recording

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Digitisation projects or new products such as cryptocurrencies are subject to extensive regulatory requirements.

We provide banking compliance consulting, fraud prevention and banking security services to support banks looking to improve their risk, compliance and security systems.

How you ensure end-to-end compliance

Thanks to our solutions, you can meet all the regulations while still ensuring a seam­­less customer experience. Hybrid client onboarding is one example, which we adapt to your processes in a compliant manner. We can also analyse your trading transactions, helping you identify money laundering risks with crypto currencies or block­chain at an early stage. With our fraud prevention service, we protect your IT, your data and your reputation while our web application security solution protects your entire IT infra­structure if you implement cross-system digitisation projects or integrate third-party ecosystems.

Swisscom: the right partner for your bank

We understand compliance and accompany you from the initial analysis through to rollout.

Our solutions can be automated and scaled as required, and are therefore suitable for banks of all sizes.

Our Cybersecurity and defence services help to minimise your business-critical IT risks.

Why banks rely on our solutions

Like any bank, Valiant Bank leaves a digital footprint that makes it susceptible to attack. To identify risks, therefore, continuous and time-consuming scanning of different sources is necessary.


Threat intelligence as a service collects security-relevant information from the Internet, deep web and dark web. Valiant receives dashboard reports about security incidents and possible in­­fra­­structure vulnerabilities with recom­­men­­­­da­­tions for action.

Many CreditGate24 customers do their banking in the evening or at weekends. In the past, if they wanted to apply for a loan, they had to present identification at a Swiss Post or SBB counter and send in a certified copy of their ID.


Thanks to Digital Identification & Signing, new customers can now identify themselves anywhere and at any time in compliance with the financial market supervisory authority and Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act. All data is verified by an AI and vali­dated by humans. This speeds up the conclusion of loan agreements and minimises risks.

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