Another step towards cloud and service combinability with Microsoft Peering Service.
Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd has become the first Swiss telecommunications provider to sign an Azure public peering contract with Microsoft Schweiz AG, offering our customers even better performance when accessing their cloud services.

Control your network directly using the online dashboard

A unique complete package based on software-defined networking for the optimum interaction of your ICT. Use all the advantages of digitalisation, and start by making your network more intelligent, faster, and more agile with solutions like SD-Wan and SD-LAN.

Enterprise Connect simply explained


Benefits of Enterprise Connect

Use the dashboard to directly control your cloud-based network services and adapt all functionalities in real time.


Flexible adaptation of your IT infrastructure thanks to a cloud-based solution


Configuration of your services for each location, virtually in real time via the dashboard 


Integrated security services and reduced network complexity


Increased independence through self-service in the dashboard.

Enterprise Connect at a glance 

Choose the individual components that you need – everything is controlled centrally via the dashboard. With a single click you can configure and manage the network and services for each location.

  • Company Module

    The Company Module includes the dashboard and the support services (Help & Support and additional services). The dashboard is the SDN- (Software Defined Networking) and NFV- (Network Function Virtualisation) based control centre of Enterprise Connect.  


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Simple: order online, check network status at any time, support service
    • Transparent: clear overview of all optional and available services on one screen
    • Fast: customise and configure, pretty much in real time
  • Additional Services

    Do you want to migrate your network to SDN with Enterprise Connect, but lack the know-how and resources? Additional services can handle the work for you:



    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Ordering and configuration of Enterprise Connect services
    • Installation on site
    • Project management for the rollout
    • Clarification of the cabling situation on site, installation of new cabling
    • Online training for Enterprise Connect
  • Location Module

    Use the Location Module to select the bandwidth and desired service level for each location – from best effort to 100% availability.  


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Fast: Orders and adjustments via the dashboard
    • Transparent: View and manage services via the dashboard at any time
    • Flexibility: Add or remove modular services as and when required
    • Secure: with Application Based Routing a cost-efficient redundancy​
  • Security (Firewall)

    The Firewall from Enterprise Connect offers a secure and highly available solution to protect your Internet connection.


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Flexible: Dedicated firewall and web filter rules for each subnet; virtual local area network (VLAN)
    • Transparent: Logging, reporting and optional functions like anti-virus available via the dashboard
    • Fast: Changes to the rules are implemented directly on the firewall.
  • Internet

    Enterprise Connect's Internet service offers a secure, fast and highly available network connection – even outside of Switzerland.


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Flexible: Order Internet connections for locations as required, with fixed IP addresses if needed
    • International: Also connected to the Internet outside of Switzerland
    • Secure: Add security options if required
  • SD-WAN

    The Wide Area Network (WAN) based on software-defined networking, SD-WAN, service offers a modern and secure network for your company-wide communication.



    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Secure: Availability from best effort to 100% (DualNet)
    • Simple: Hybrid solution possible, LAN-I and Enterprise Connect services can be combined easily
    • Flexible: with Hub & Spoke centrally control data communication
    • Encrypted: End-to-End Encryption ​
  • SD-LAN

    Local Area Network (LAN) based on software-defined networking, SD-LAN, is the professional in-house networking for your locations.


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Secure: Optional SLA options monitored and operated by Swisscom specialists
    • Individual: Modular solution for different kinds of locations
    • Transparent: Overview of services, installed access points and switchers via the dashboard

    Public WLAN service is the professional addition to your Enterprise Connect network services.  


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Flexible: The offer can be put together flexibly in line with your requirements (price, quality, login)
    • Secure: Installation, operation (incl. bandwidth management) and maintenance handled by Swisscom
  • Cloud Access

    Manage your hybrid cloud environment securely and efficiently with the Cloud Access service. Cloud services such as Enterprise Connect, LAN-I, Swisscom clouds or public clouds (e.g. Azure and AWS) are connected to one another.


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Efficient: Central management of multiple cloud services via the dashboard
    • Simple: Pre-installed connection to Swisscom cloud services
    • Secure: Integrated in the security and policy framework of Swisscom
  • Voice Line

    The Voice Line service offers telephony for simple requirements with voice communication to internal and external subscribers.  


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Flexible: Extended functions with system equipment rented from Swisscom
    • Combinable: Analogue telephones can also be integrated
    • Transparent: Manage invoices and subscriptions via the dashboard
  • SIP-Trunk

    The SIP Trunk service enables you to establish several voice connections simultaneously with your existing telephone system.


    Benefits at a glance:

    • Flexible: Find out how to use the central dashboard to set up and manage your voice services with just a few clicks – including how to assign a block of phone numbers (DDIs) in almost no time.
    • Transparent: same traffic pricing for all voice services
    • Efficient: use your WAN to centralise the PBX infrastructure


  • Hosted PBX

    The Hosted PBX service offers cloud telephony with virtualised telephone systems, which are hosted in the Swisscom data centre.  


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Efficient: No need to invest in a physical telephone system
    • Transparent: Uniform traffic price plan for all voice services
    • Flexible: Make calls with the desired number at any time and from any device
    • Simple: Managed solutions from Swisscom that are always up-to-date

  • TV Icon

    blue TV

    With blue TV Public and blue TV Host, Enterprise Connect offers a contemporary TV experience with a focus on entertainment.


    Your benefits at a glance:

    • Intuitive, practical TV guide
    • Voice assistant and voice control
    • Single remote control for box and TV
    • In-house channel for own live broadcasts
    • Infotainment – digital and contactless: info channel for daily news and offers


This is what our customers are saying

  • portrait-wolfgang-maehr


    Wolfgang Mähr
    Head of Information Technology

    «Enterprise Connect is an all-round carefree package for networking our locations.»

  • Würth ITensis: More independent, thanks to SDN

    Marcos Perez
    System engineer with responsibility for network and security

    “With our 40 locations and the IT customers that we handle externally, we didn’t want to be dependent on a seller or on other technicians who might not always have time.”