Success stories Schaffhausen Police

«Our telephone system is always up to date – and we don’t need to worry about it.»

Fritz Frankhauser,
Head of operations and traffic management centre, Schaffhausen Police

Ensuring the police are on the ball 24/7.

The challenge: buy or rent new equipment?

A telephone system that is fully functional 24/7 is essential for the 235-strong Schaffhausen police force – and for the population it can sometimes make the difference between life and death. As well as six emergency call desks, around 230 standard phone lines are in operation. The force was recently told that replacement parts for its existing system would soon no longer be available: something had to be done quickly! Fritz Fankhauser, head of the operations and traffic management centre, said: “We were wondering whether to buy or rent new telephone equipment. Buying would have been difficult because, as a public body, we cannot suddenly find the funding for such a huge extra budgetary item. We therefore looked for a rental arrangement capable of meeting our high standards in terms of security, reliability and simplicity.”

The solution: installed on site, operated by Swisscom.

With Managed Service On Premises from Swisscom, the Schaffhausen police force benefits from a comprehensive service package. Swisscom has updated the entire calling infrastructure in the police headquarters, including the installation of an IP-based platform and modern user devices. Previous investments made by the Schaffhausen police force have retained their value: for example, 90% of the cabling can still be used and the force received a sizeable sum for the old equipment. Swisscom is responsible for operating and maintaining the new communication platform. “The pricing model is attractive and worthwhile for us,” says Fritz Fankhauser. “We pay a fixed amount for the whole package, which is easy to budget for.”

The result: communication that runs like clockwork.

“All of us here are absolutely delighted with the new system,” says Fritz Fankhauser. “It provides everything we need – including special features such as caller ID, caller display, recording and compulsory number display for emergency calls. There are also some practical new functions that we didn’t have before, such as internal telephone trees and conference calls. The devices are so user-friendly that training our staff was very quick. Swisscom gave us excellent advice and we can get fast professional support virtually by clicking our fingers!”

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These products are used by Schaffhausen Police

Managed UCC

With Managed UCC, Unified Communications and Collaboration, Swisscom offers a complete solution for non-location dependent collaboration on any device.