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For fiduciaries, consultancies and auditing firms: Harness the opportunities of digitisation and gain a decisive edge.

Strict requirements for data privacy, finance and tax regulations and IT security must be met. The need for digital services is also growing. With us as your trusted IT partner, you will advance your digitisation step by step and gain new opportunities in automation, modern workplace systems and IT security. 

Data security and the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP) 

In the fiduciary sector, data protection and IT security are crucial for both legal and commercial reasons. Personal data are ever-present in your daily work, when communicating and transferring data with your clients or on your own communications channels, such as your website. It is therefore essential that you ensure IT security and adherence to FADP guidelines, examine necessary adjustments and their impact on your employees and clients. Our Swisscom experts will be happy to support you to find the right solutions for your needs.

Digitisation pays off 

Routine bookkeeping tasks

57% of fiduciary companies carry out
routine bookkeeping tasks that could be digitised. Source: Accounto,
 Treuhand-Suisse Report, 2022 

Financial losses from a cyberattack

For fiduciary companies, the average cost of losses from a single cyberattack amounts to CHF 80,000-100,000.   Source: Institut Treuhand 4.0, Brevit AG, 2021 

New ways of working

77% of companies surveyed said that skills shortages mean that new ways of working are needed.  Source: Expertsuisse Digitisation Study, 2021/2022 

How digitisation can simplify your everyday work

Digital processes reduce administration and save a lot of time. Find out how our digital solutions can lighten your workload and help you enter the digital world.

FADP-compliant data management

It is essential that you handle personal documents (such as client information) in compliance with data protection regulations. With our IT solutions, your data is stored in Switzerland and therefore enjoys the highest standards of security.

Secure client communications 

Communication is conducted over a range of different channels and often contains sensitive information, whether you are submitting bank documents, preparing auditing reports or conducting client meetings. With our solutions you can communicate securely on all channels. 

Work anywhere 

Whether you are checking tax records or accessing documents and invoices on the way to the next client meeting, with our communications solutions you can work as securely and easily on the move as at the office.

Your benefits with Swisscom

End-to-end security

You enjoy the latest integrated solutions, compliant with the highest security standards (Swiss banking standard).

Extensive expertise

Our experts understand the current challenges facing your industry and provide you with comprehensive solutions that ensure an efficient working day.

Personal service

You enjoy a comprehensive, needs-based service, which can also include 24/7 support as required, whether you need the latest hardware or individual support from local IT partners.

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Overview of our solutions 

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