Promoting dialogue through digital services

Digitisation for Swiss municipalities: driving secure administration processes, online services and participation projects.

When it comes to digitisation, the federal government, cantons and the public have high expectations of municipal administrations in terms of digital services, innovative participation projects and the secure handling of data. Municipalities can only meet these demands if they engage with and actively pursue digital transformation. Do you lack the necessary resources and IT expertise? We will support you on your digitisation journey and work with you to develop secure IT solutions that can be rapidly implemented.

Why digitisation benefits municipalities

Better services for the public and business

70% of municipal leaders cite the improvement in services for the public and business as a reason for digitisation. Source: Digitisation in Swiss Municipalities Myni Gmeind, 2023.

Improving communication with the public

64% cite improving communication with the public as a reason for digitisation. Source: Digitisation in Swiss Municipalities Myni Gmeind, 2023.

Increasing efficiency  

77% cite increasing efficiency as a reason for digitisation. Source: Digitisation in Swiss Municipalities Myni Gmeind, 2023.

Digitisation in the daily work of the municipality

Digital solutions reduce the administrative burden and save time – both for municipal administration employees and for citizens. Find out where digitisation can deliver instant tangible results and create the biggest benefit for the public.

Manage municipal data

Managing data in accordance with FDPIC and FADP requirements is a crucial task for municipalities. We can support you by providing suitable solutions including data storage in Switzerland.

Control access to data

Control individual access to different data within the municipal administration, ensuring that you minimise the IT security risk and comply with data protection regulations.

Work simply and efficiently

Make the municipality’s daily work easy, with a modern IT infrastructure, allowing you to complete tasks simply and efficiently.

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Your benefits with Swisscom

Appropriate data storage

We support you in choosing a suitable data storage solution that meets your individual requirements.

Personal and regional

Receive personal, tailored advice, in collaboration with our certified IT partners from your region.

Swiss IT expertise

Benefit from in-depth Swiss IT expertise – for straightforward, rapidly available services as well as for more complex IT projects.

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Overview of our solutions

Swisscom Sign for KMU

Sign documents digitally

Sign contracts and documents quickly, easily and legally securely at any time.

SME IT Solution

The modular IT solution for SMEs

Our modular, integrated IT solution for SMEs offers you digital workplaces and a flexible infrastructure from the cloud.


Maximum IT security  

Effective security solutions for the best possible protection and immediate assistance
following a cyberattack. 

Digitisation projects in municipalities – customer stories

Are you interested to find out where digitisation can deliver genuine added value? Take inspiration from our practical customer stories.

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