Smart City

Swisscom Smart City will equip our living environment for the future. We aim to make cities, communities and regions more attractive and competitive. Our network, data and solutions will help us to make urban centres, conurbations and outlying areas more sustainable and people-friendly. 

Human Smart City

All aspects of our Smart City model revolve around people. Our well-being and that of future generations is what inspires our commitment.

Our contribution


Our network provides the basis for all Smart City activities, enabling all players to network and exchange information.


The data we supply is a valuable raw material for Smart City solutions. Its analysis, interpretation and aggregation yields new insights. 


Our solutions and services help in the implementation of Smart City initiatives. Many are jointly developed with our partners in the Smart City ecosystem.

A future full of benefits

Smart cities are not just more efficient and sustainable; they also offer social and economic benefits.


Efficient use of resources

Connectivity lets smart cities use valuable resources more efficiently. 



Societal participation strengthens solidarity across social classes in smart cities.


Quality of life

Intelligent solutions make life a little easier and better for everyone in smart cities. 



Digitisation makes smart cities more attractive for residents and businesses.


We can only realise our Smart City vision if all stakeholder groups join in with us. That’s why we are actively engaged in an ecosystem that enables a continuous learning process to take place. 

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Derya Turap
Business Developer Smart City