Mail Security – protection against phishing and spam

Phishing and spam protection for your SME

Every month, we at Swisscom log more than 3,000 phishing attacks against our customers. SMEs are the target of more than 43% of all cyberattacks worldwide. Despite this, SMEs are often poorly protected against spam and phishing. Mail Security from Swisscom can resolve this by automatically blocking phishing and spam e-mails, protecting your IT infrastructure effectively at all times.

Real-time threat monitoring for SMEs

The cloud solution for e-mail traffic validation and management works with most mail servers and guarantees the highest reliability and best detection rates thanks to comprehensive risk analysis and real-time threat monitoring. E-mails containing malware and fraudulent links are blocked reliably before they can even reach the target mailbox. With minute-by-minute updates and cloud-based, multi-layer filtering, your SME is always up to date with the latest security standard and protected from e-mail-based cyberattacks.

Your benefits

  • Complete protection: multi-layer scanning, filtering and sandboxing for reliable threat detection
  • Cost efficient: cloud solution without hardware or software installation, with a usage price per mailbox
  • Data storage: secure operation in geo-redundant, ISO-certified data centers

Highest security

With Mail Security, SMEs have access to the same security technologies as major corporations. The e-mail traffic in your SME is thus effectively protected from spam, viruses, malware and unwanted content.

Simple integration

Protect your employees and infrastructure from malicious e-mails and malware with easy setup, automated threat detection and continuous updates.

Free trial to get you started

Put Mail Security to the test free of charge for 3 months and experience the simple integration, use and reliable e-mail traffic protection for yourself at your leisure.

Your path to Mail Security


inOne SME office

Before taking advantage of Mail Security, you must have inOne SME office.

Mail Security

Secure e-mail traffic

Communicate securely with complete peace of mind by choosing the Mail Security option to protect all your future e-mail traffic.

No minimum contractual term, monthly cancellation option.

CHF 9.90  
Price per month for up to 3 e-mail addresses
Each additional e-mail address costs CHF 1.90

 First three months free for up to 3 e-mail addresses.*

Any questions?

Telephone number 0800 055 055
Monday to Friday 8 am–5.30 pm

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How Mail Security supports your day-to-day work

The challenge

Users receive e-mail links to a malware-infected website. Or e-mails may come with attachments that install malware programs on devices or infect the infrastructure.

The solution

All e-mail traffic is diverted via Swisscom’s Security Cloud. The security systems there detect threats and prevent malware from being installed on the end device and infecting the infrastructure. E-mails with malicious content are detected and blocked to prevent them ever arriving in the inbox.

The challenge

It’s not always easy to keep track of the daily influx of e-mails and identify individual threats and how to deal with them.

The solution

The automatic e-mail traffic check in the Swisscom Cloud ensures that only e-mails verified as secure are forwarded to the inbox. Users thus have greater peace of mind and more time to focus on their core tasks.

The challenge

It is often employees who make successful cyberattacks possible in the first place – whether due to ignorance or carelessness. People often do not even realise that they have been deceived.

The solution

Upstream filtering of e-mail traffic in the cloud significantly reduces risks and prevents malicious e-mail content from even reaching employees, where it can cause damage.


Mail Security provides protection against concealed malware in e-mail attachments and malicious links and QR codes to fake websites that stealthily install malware on a user’s end device.

Mail Security is not virus protection – it protects a device’s e-mail traffic and prevents it being infected by malware. Mail Security is not effective if a device is infected with a virus via a USB stick for instance.

For existing inOneSME Office customers, Mail Security can be ordered from the MySwisscomBusiness portal. Once you enter your e-mail domain, all e-mail addresses belonging to the domain are protected. Incoming e-mails are checked for suspicious content in the Swisscom Cloud. If a potential threat is detected, you will receive a notification and the e-mail will be filtered out to prevent your devices becoming infected.

No, Mail Security always includes the entire domain and all associated addresses. The customer determines the number of e-mail addresses through its respective hosting provider.

There is a one-time initial setup fee of CHF 15.00 per domain. After that, Mail Security costs CHF 9.90 per month for three e-mail addresses (basic charge). The basic charge for the first 3 months is free.

No, the customer has no influence on the number. The number of mailboxes depends on the number of e-mail addresses associated with the domain.

The services can be terminated by either party at any time. There is no minimum contract period for Mail Security.

With Mail Security, mail addresses exceeding the basic package (i.e. more than 3 mail addresses) are charged for an entire month. The cut-off date is the 27th of the month. The highest number of email addresses of the month of a domain is charged on the cut-off date.

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These "Offer Conditions for Security Options"(opens in new tab) apply to the Internet Security, Identity Security and Secure Internet Traffic services.

Customers with a new Secure Internet Traffic connection save the fee of CHF 10.–/mo. for 3 e-mail addresses for the first 3 months. All you need is a new or existing inOne SME office subscription. For each additional e-mail address in a domain, CHF 2.–/mo. will be charged from the start of the contract. Mail Security cannot be used to protect specific individual e-mail addresses within the same domain. After the first 3 months, Mail Security costs CHF 10.-/mo. for up to 3 e-mail addresses; each additional e-mail address in the domain costs CHF 2.–/mo. There is a one-off installation cost of CHF 15.–. The subscription can be cancelled at any time to the end of the month.