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Success Story of Rebmann Elektro AG

«In today's fast-moving times, the communications infrastructure is one of the most important instruments for our company. Our business has a number of sites, which means that the smooth exchange of information between them is essential. All our project managers therefore have a smartphone so that they can be reached at all times.»

Lorenz Rebmann,
Managing Director, Rebmann Elektro AG

Reasons for your decision

Swisscom offers the best solution for our specific mobile telephony needs. We find it represents excellent value for money. I personally use my iPad very frequently for work. When I am with customers I use it as a notepad, diary and camera. After visiting a customer I upload the documents and photos via the internet to our server, where they can be accessed by my staff anywhere and at any time. These documents are used to supplement their assignments. With good preparation, this saves me lengthy explanations on site and the staff immediately have something to hand.


NATEL® data subscriptions:

  • mobile internet for smartphone, tablet or notebook
  • the right mobile data transmission tariff model for every need
  • new-user subscriptions from just CHF 19 per month and with no minimum contract term
  • additional data packages available

NATEL® business infinity XL

  • 100 Mbit/s download speed on the Swisscom mobile network
  • Calls abroad EU/USA/Canada: 200 minnutes incl.
  • Unlimited data, calls and SMS/MMS


NATEL® data subscriptions

NATEL® business infinity plus XL

NATEL® company basic