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Success story Spitex Lenzburg

«We received a modern, expandable ICT solution that relieves us of many worries.»

Daniel Lukic,
Managing Director, Spitex Lenzburg

A healthy ICT infrastructure for an innovative health care organisation

The previous ICT solution often proved a real headache for the managers of Spitex Lenzburg. With ICT outsourcing, the company has gained stability and security.

The challenge: increasing temperature curve due to susceptible servers

The 52 employees at Spitex Lenzburg enable people in need of care to live independently at home. They carry out around 60,000 work assignments per year – and the number is increasing. This great commitment would be unthinkable without effective administration in the background: work assignment and care plans, care reports, address administration, entry and invoicing of the services, internal and external communication, etc., require a stable and powerful ICT infrastructure. “Previously, we operated the servers ourselves,” explains Daniel Lukic. “Frequently they caused us concern due to faults and the high cost of maintaining them. When we needed to upgrade the servers, we decided to outsource and checked offers from four providers.”

The solution: clear diagnosis and extensive support

The offer from Swisscom’s partner Seabix was very strong. “Initially, we had concerns about the costs,” says Daniel Lukic. “But thanks to the subsequent offers, we were able to perform a like-for-like comparison of the providers. In this process, it became clear that Seabix and Swisscom provided the best priceperformance ratio.” Today, Seabix supports Spitex Lenzburg’s entire ICT infrastructure at a monthly flat rate. Tried-and-tested Swisscom products are used: Business Internet Services for Internet connectivity, Business Connect for VoIP telephony as well as Management Services and Mail Services. The organisation procures its server resources from the Swisscom cloud by means of Dynamic Computing Services.

The result: freedom to move in all directions

President of the Board Martin Imhof values the benefits of the new solution: “The package includes support, all licences, upgrades and adjustments. As we grow as an organisation, the ICT infrastructure grows as well ‘at the press of a button’, so to speak. Furthermore, the infrastructure supports us in our role as an innovative employer: we can provide our employees, the majority of whom are women, with home office workstations. Within seconds, they can access all the latest data from home as well. And the real-time synchronisation is a major advantage in other areas as well: our employees experience much less time pressure thanks to this.” Daniel Lukic adds: “Instead of worrying about faults, power cuts or virus attacks, now we concentrate on optimising our processes.”

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