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Success Story of Rundum mobil GmbH

«We want to grow and to extend our business further. We therefore need IT and telecommunications solutions that will help us to achieve this. The infrastructure must be able to grow with the company.»

Monika Tschannen-Süess,
Owner and Executive Board member of Rundum mobil GmbH


  • High degree of flexibility for staff: they can work from home if they want to.
  • Efficient cooperation: Outlook calendars and Shared Office are used for projects involving external partners.
  • Single telephone number worldwide: staff are contactable on the same office number at all times, even when working away from the office on a laptop.
  • There are no major investment costs for hardware and maintenance.
  • Services can be upgraded quickly and easily whenever necessary.
  • Rundum mobil is a small company, so it has no IT department.

Rundum mobil GmbH

Rundum mobil works in the field of mobility planning and advises companies or regional authorities on mobility management issues. Topics such as working at home and teleconferencing are of crucial important in this respect.
The company’s other areas of work include planning, designing and implementing 30km/h speed limit zones and shared spaces, projects for cyclists and pedestrians, providing mobility courses across Switzerland, and transport and mobility concepts and strategies.
The Rundum team comprises eight people with a variety of professional backgrounds. The company also trains mediamatics apprentices.