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Financial Messaging:
the flexible platform for financial transactions

Transaction banking is becoming increasingly rigorous. Not only do banks have to manage payments that are fail-safe and uninterrupted, they also have to comply with stringent regulatory requirements. Central elements include a granular compliance/risk filter and continuous further developments such as SIC5 or instant payment solutions.

Payments as a Service with Swisscom

The Financial Messaging Service Bureau offers the perfect solution, regardless of the size of bank. The financial software runs in our highly secure Tier 4 data centre – the only one certified in Switzerland following its construction – and is therefore guaranteed to be fail safe. The data is also stored in these data centres and has the same protection as a bank vault. All clients are managed as individual instances and are therefore also physically separated from all other banks.

The Swiss outsourcing solution

Financial Messaging Service Bureau has secure connectivity to the SIC, euroSIC, SECOM and SWIFT payment networks. The system is highly scalable, controls incoming and outgoing financial transactions and complies with all current and future legal and regulatory requirements. The team and financial software are SWIFT certified. It is constantly being updated and enhanced; for example, with SRD II (Shareholders Rights Directive 2), instant payments or SWIFT gpi (SWIFT global payments innovation).


Your benefits

Modular software solution that is independent of the core banking system

24/7 operation in the only Swiss Tier 4 data centre certified after construction

Developed, operated and maintained in Switzerland

When is it the right solution?

Flexible and highly scalable, Financial Messaging Service Bureau is equally suitable for fintech companies, regional, cantonal and large banks alike. As a result, all costs are transparent and budgetable. FMSB is also SWIFT certified and offers the most granular compliance/risk filter.

What’s in it for you:

  • No fixed costs: only pay for what you need
  • One-stop solutions, from core banking systems to BPO, flexible and modular
  • A dedicated test instance and precisely configurable compliance/risk filters

Why Swisscom?

  • Security: fault-tolerant dual-active system puts security first
  • Swiss made: software development, maintenance and support in Switzerland
  • Compatible: independent of core banking systems, processes and interfaces

Financial Messaging Service Bureau quotation

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Our offers for you

EBICS as a Service

EBICS, which supports the ISO 20022 standard, is a protocol for secure data exchange between banks and corporate customers.

Fraud Prevention Service

Protect your customers’ data in a compliant manner and your bank from reputational damage and financial loss.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our BPO service takes over the messages to be manually checked in the risk & sanctions filter for you.

Archiving Solution

Store all auditable financial transaction data immutably and in compliance with Swiss accounting regulations (GeBüV).

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Swisscom Financial Messaging Service
Bureau PLUS

Solutions for all needs. Customise FMSB to suit your individual requirements; for example, with BPO, fraud prevention services or PEP checks.

Solutions for all needs. Customise FMSB to suit your individual requirements; for example, with BPO, fraud prevention services or PEP checks.
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