Hybrid Cloud Services & Multi Cloud Consulting

Achieve the optimal cloud strategy with Hybrid Cloud Consulting

Looking to harness the power of the cloud to help you keep pace with digitisation and innovation? Scalability, cost transparency and a fast response to load peaks and current demands are not just buzzwords for you; they are a necessity. Multi Cloud and Hybrid Cloud environments are the answer.

Get ahead with a competent Multi Cloud service provider

Taking advantage of the cloud offerings of different providers brings benefits for your business – but only if the different platforms interact seamlessly and the solutions meet your specific needs. Let experienced cloud experts from Swisscom show you how with expert Multi Cloud consulting. They also provide planning, implementation and support services for your company’s cloud solution.

Everything you need to know about Multi Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT

There is no right or wrong choice for a cloud environment. It all depends on the needs of your business – hybrid forms are also an option. 

Multi Cloud

In a Multi Cloud environment, your company has access to multiple cloud services from different cloud providers at the same time: e.g. Microsoft Azure and AWS.

Hybrid Cloud

In a Hybrid Cloud environment, your company uses a combination of Public and Private Clouds: e.g. Swisscom Enterprise Service Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Hybrid IT

In a hybrid IT environment, an organisation provides and manages some IT resources in-house through its own data centre or that of a service provider, but also uses the cloud-based services of external providers.

64% of Swiss companies surveyed now use Multi Cloud models.

MSM Research, Multi Cloud Usage 2020

That’s why Swisscom is the right choice for your Multi Cloud projects


Active in the market since 2013. 500 cloud experts to support you.

Technology and partnerships

Strategic partnerships with leading international cloud providers.

Complete solution portfolio

Consulting, planning, implementation, operation and support from a single source.

Discover the possibilities of Multi Cloud

Swisscom’s cloud offering

We have a multifaceted, comprehensive range of services to offer the specific support you are looking for. Some of our solutions are featured below and you can find the full portfolio here.

Enterprise Service Cloud

IaaS, entirely in Switzerland: secure hybrid cloud storage with data stored in Switzerland.

Dynamic Computing Services

Servers, storage, data centres and managed services from the Swisscom Cloud.

Application Cloud

Scale innovative applications to your needs within minutes.

Cloud Native with Swisscom

Take full advantage of containers and Cloud Native.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Use cloud infrastructure, PaaS and SaaS services from the AWS Hybrid Cloud.

Microsoft Azure by Swisscom

Microsoft’s cloud adapts flexibly to your business and its needs.

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MSM study: Multi Cloud Switzerland 2020

Insights into ICT operations and Multi Cloud at Swiss companies. 

White paper

Managing Multi Cloud: the most important aspects

How to meet the challenges of Multi Cloud management.

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