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Banking Business Services

Handling processes in payments processing and securities business
Securities Data Management
Digitisation of documents and receipts
(Capture Services)

Your expert

Tonio Di Domenico

Head of Banking Process Operations

Outsource business processes and benefit

Your bank can outsource to the Swisscom processing centre important processes that you cannot use as a USP. Whatever your size, you benefit from industrial-scale processing, optimum use of synergy benefits and sustained cost reductions. Connecting to the Swisscom outsourcing services centre is simple, regardless of your banking platform, and does not require any system migration.


The benefits for you

  • You can concentrate on your customers and trust our Banking Business Services with processes with no USP potential
  • Full cost flexibility leads to elimination of volume risk in the outsourced process areas
  • Access to comprehensive expertise, including in areas with low volumes, thereby avoiding dependence on individual sources of know-how within the bank
  • Permanent updating and improvement of outsourced functions
  • Swisscom manages various external points of contact

The four Banking Business Services

Payment Processing

Let Swisscom take care of your paper-based and electronic payment processing.

Securities Processing

Let Swisscom take care of your securities management and processing

Securities data management

Delegate securities data management and maintenance to Swisscom and benefit from the universe of securities at our processing centre.

Capture Services

Let Swisscom scan and enhance your documents.

The two sourcing models

You can procure our Business Services via two different sourcing models:

  • Business Service Providing (business and infrastructure processes)
  • Business process outsourcing

Payment Processing

Payment processing is an important part of any bank’s activities. However, it cannot help you stand out from your competitors in the marketplace. Changes necessitate constant adjustments to technical processes and systems. If you outsource your payment processing to us, we will take care of all your domestic and international payments. Swisscom offers your bank services that can be easily integrated into your processing landscape via a standardised interface.

Further information

  • Simple processes: standardisation means efficient payment processing is guaranteed
  • Sustainability: you are investing in a solution that will meet your needs for years to come
  • Modular service: you define the scale of the service yourself, depending on your situation