Smartes Application Management and API banking

Application Management, banking platform and API banking

Banks are facing increasing pressure to provide market-driven offerings and innovative services, and to cut costs. Process automation, IT outsourcing and the implementation of a scalable banking platform are therefore essential. However, many banks lack the resources and/or the know-how.

Application Management & Operations increase efficiency and stability

We support banks from project consulting through to outsourcing; we improve system efficiency and stability with our IT architecture expertise and simplify the complexity of a distributed architecture. You combine our integrated banking solution with your platform and determine your own degree of autonomy. Swisscom operates and monitors the overall platform and core banking system for you. You can then devote your time and resources to your customers and value-adding tasks, instead of the operation or further development of your IT environment.

Three good reasons for choosing Application Management from Swisscom

700+ banking and IT experts

Benefit from the knowledge and innovation of our experienced banking and IT experts.

We speak your language

Our multilingual experts speak German, English, French and Italian.


We understand banking and IT

Our experienced experts make us the right partner for banks.

Our solutions for your business

Core Banking Services

Leave your IT infrastructure to us and free up time to focus on your business.

Open Business Hub

Buy or sell products and services in our open business API ecosystem.

Additional modules

Application Performance Monitoring

Use our service to ensure smooth business processes by monitoring the performance of your applications and diagnosing errors.

Six arguments in favour of Swisscom

Some providers have banking expertise and some have IT expertise. However, only a few providers like Swisscom employ more than 700 banking and IT experts and are therefore familiar with Application Management, API banking, or know the right banking platform for your bank.


We protect your systems, business-critical applications and sensitive customer data effectively. You can rely on our extensive expertise in architectures, integration and security and the resilience of our system landscapes.


Banking expertise

Managed banking

A single point of contact


  • ‘A cloud-operated infrastructure is very attractive: low entry costs, access to innovative solutions and unlimited scalability.’

    Felix Graule CTO, Evorest AG

  • «Our customers receive wide-ranging security for a good price.»  

    Iwan Vogel, Founder and CEO,
    mammut soft computing ag

    Iwan Vogel

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