Mobile communication that adapts to your enterprise

NATEL® go simplifies your mobile communication. You implement your company policy with minimal effort. At the same time, you ensure maximum budget manageability in administration and avoid cost disputes thanks to flat-rate plans.


  • Simple handling
    Manage mobile plans and options easily and virtually in real time and coordinate them with your company policy
  • Individual rates and settings
    The right plan for every requirement. Customise employee-specific settings such as data travel packages, cost limits and blocking sets easily and at any time
  • Stable and predictable costs
    Thanks to flat-rate plans, you get a comprehensive and group-specific cost overview, which makes it easier to manage your budget.

Which countries are included in the subscriptions?

Mobile data

if more than 1 GB is used per month, data speeds abroad are reduced to a maximum of 0.2 Mbit/s download and 0.1 Mbit/s upload. Usage remains unlimited and included without additional cost. In order to restore the maximum subscription speed, the following data packages can be purchased: +1 GB with maximum subscription speed for NATEL® go Neighbours and NATEL® go Europe: CHF 29.00/26.85; +1 GB with maximum subscription speed for NATEL® go Global: CHF 49.00/45.37. Users can simply purchase these data packages abroad via

4 “Data Option start” is available for minimal mobile data requirements in the Swisscom mobile phone network for subscriptions without inclusive data volumes: CHF 10.00/9.26 for 500MB (can be used max. twice per month). When the allowance has been used, the data speed is reduced to a maximum of 64kbit/s (with no further cost).