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Zofinger Tagblatt

Success Story of Zofinger Tagblatt

«The new e-mail service gives a much better performance and has exceeded our expectations.»

Patrick Lüscher,
IT-Administrator , Zofinger Tagblatt

Have your e-mails at hand wherever you are

Zofinger Tagblatt AG combines tradition and modernity. The more than 130-year-old media and printing company covers the information requirements of people in the region and throughout Switzerland. The company’s employees communicate efficiently by means of a cloud-based e-mail platform.

The initial situation: securing the company’s lines of communication

Printed products, online publications and DAB+ radio – the media diversity at Zofinger Tagblatt AG reflects its ambition to serve customers optimally on every desired channel. To perform this service, smooth information exchange between the approximately 240 employees is crucial. The journalists need to be able to access their e-mails from anywhere and using any device. In the past, compatibility problems threw a spanner in the works. «Our e-mail communication is crucial!» says Patrick Lüscher, IT Administrator. «That’s why we sought a new solution that would allow us to eliminate potential problems in advance.»

The solution: a strong complete package from the cloud

No matter whether Zofinger Tagblatt AG’s employees work with iPhones, Android smartphones, tablets, Macs or Windows PCs, they now have their e-mails under control from anywhere and at all times and can exchange information efficiently. Swisscom makes sure of this by operating the Exchange Online platform for the two domains ztonline.ch and solothurnerwoche.ch on the cloud-based Microsoft 365 service. Thanks to scaling effects from Microsoft, Zofinger Tagblatt AG benefits from extremely attractive fixed monthly costs per client – and from guaranteed 99.9 percent availability. The end-to-end solution is rounded off with local support from Swisscom specialists.

The customer benefit: high performance and pleasing simplifications

«With the new technology, our com any is making a giant leap forward», says a satisifed Patrick Lüscher. «It has exceeded our expectations in terms of performance and the range of functions. The users benefit from a great deal of storage space for their e-mail accounts. They can now easily manage their passwords and absence notifications themselves and share their accounts and calendars. Administration requires much less effort – we set up new accounts in no time at all and always have an overview of the current status of the system and the licences. Good to know: the platform is prepared for future expansions thanks to UCC functionalities.»

Zofinger Tagblatt (PDF)

These products are used by Zofinger Tagblat

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