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With the best solutions, companies and their staff benefit from all the opportunities of a digitally connected world. All they need is an innovative partner who understands them and is there for them. Enterprise Mobile is the complete mobile solution for your company on the network of the future, enabling your employees to work securely and without restriction on the move.

Mobility and maximum availability

A modular structure to meet your needs.

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Network access

Anytime, anywhere.

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Data analysis

Efficient control of business processes.

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Immerse yourself in the world of mobile working

Are your employees connected through a national or global network? In either case, total mobility is crucial to success. The Enterprise Mobile complete solution provides this, enabling your employees to work individually and efficiently, and speeding up your business.

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Driton Saliu

Director Tender Offering Management



Product overview

With Enterprise Mobile, we expertly meet complex individual demands for agile work environments in order to make your company more productive. Anytime, anywhere, on any device: our modular end-to-end mobile solution guarantees continuous cost transparency, unlimited connectivity and full data security – integrated, comprehensive and innovative.



Why companies chose us

Thanks to our mobile solutions, companies from all sectors save time, become more efficient and strengthen their customer relations. You too can manage increasingly complex demands with our individual, flexible mobile solutions. So your company is ready today for the business of tomorrow.



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