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NATEL® data remote subscription will be discontinued

Your NATEL® data remote
subscription will be discontinued as of 31 October 2019

Thank you for the trust you put in our products and services. We are continually developing these for you, a process which involves replacing older services.


This will affect your NATEL® data remote subscription, which will be removed from our range by 31 October 2019 at the latest. The relevant connections / SIM cards will be automatically deactivated at this point.


NATEL® data remote subscriptions are primarily used for communication between devices (M2M).For a long time, NATEL® data remote has been able to cover most of the requirements for this. And for a number of years Swisscom has been setting up a service that will meet the quickly changing requirements in the IoT and M2M communication areas.

The Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) provides you with a suitable successor solution. It offers innovative services that go far beyond pure mobile connectivity, such as:


  • price plans optimally adjusted to the service goal
  • tailored solutions for back-end integration
  • management portal for your connections
  • specific support for M2M applications

By the way: As a technology leader, Swisscom is also making forward-looking investments in the latest technologies in the mobile phone network. For this reason, Swisscom is planning to replace the oldest technology generation in the mobile phone network (2G/GSM) by the end of 2020 in order to use the freed-up capacities for state-of-the-art, faster and more efficient mobile technologies such as 4G and 5G.


You will find more information on the CMP offers on the product page.


Please contact our experts CMP.

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