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Partner programme

Partner programme

Become an advertising

partner. It’s worth it.

Earn money with your website.

Advertise our products on your website. As an advertising partner (affiliate), you enjoy attractive commissions for any sales that result from your referral. Log on, add the advertising links
and start benefiting.

1. Sign up for free

Taking part in the programme is free of charge.

2. Link the banner

Placing the standard advertising media on your website is simple.

3. Receive your remuneration

We reward every sale that is made.

Our partner for your success.

Our partner for performance-based online advertising guarantees quality, simplicity and transparency. You can be assured to get the most out of the traffic on your website.

Zanox is the European leader in performance advertising and guarantees full transparency and optimisation through detailed reporting. Benefit from reliable and regular payments of your commissions in all major currencies, in addition to system monitoring and quality assurance.


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Advertising partner benefits

Generous commissions

Attractive advertising media

No obligations


Earn cash with ease

No fees



Advertising media that sell

As an advertising partner, you will always receive the latest attractive and tested advertising media. This means you are sure to benefit from good click-through rates and corresponding sales or commissions. The advertising media are available in different standard formats.


Products of the month

These are the best-selling products through the partner programme.

  1. Vivo M
  2. NATEL® infinity plus M
  3. NATEL® infinity plus S

Advertising media of the month



Currently there are no ongoing promotions.


Answers to the most frequently asked questions about the partner programme.


How can I become an advertising partner (affiliate) of Swisscom?

How long does it take to be accepted as a Swisscom advertising partner?

Will I have to stay an advertising partner indefinitely or can I delete the link at any time?

Will I get paid for transactions that were generated prior to approval as an advertising partner?

Can I create links somewhere else on my website or on another page?

Can I post links in a chat group or a guest book?

Are there reasons why I might not be admitted as an advertising partner (affiliate)?

When will I get paid?

Are text links also permitted?

I have several websites. Do I have register each site or can I manage them all under one account?