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Job advertisement

If there is more than one location mentioned in the advert, for example “Bern or Zurich”, you can choose your job location. You will learn more in the interview. Also note that the advert will include information about whether and how often you can work from home.

If the job advertisement is no longer showing on our job portal, this means it has been filled. Tip: subscribe to our Job-Mail to keep up to date with all our latest vacancies.

Informal language is standard practice at Swisscom. We are all on first-name terms with one another; from apprentices through to the CEO. This means that, when writing to the contact person mentioned in the advert, for example, you should address them by their first name. This also applies when talking to them on the phone and at the job interview.

In our advertisements, we try to describe the requirements of the vacancy in as much detail as possible. You can then use the Skill Check to work out whether the position is a good fit for you and your strengths. The Skill Check will only take a few minutes. If you satisfy most of the requirements in the checklist, we welcome your application.


Fantastic, that’s what we like to hear! Check out our job portal. You’ll find lots of exciting vacancies waiting just for you. Use the search box or filter to find the position you are looking for. If a particular job piques your interest, click on the vacancy and complete the Skill Check. If this indicates that you are a good fit for the job, select one of the application options. See Your application for more information.

Immediately following the submission of your application, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail. It will also include the reference number of the vacancy and the name of your contact person for any queries.

Have you checked your spam folder? It is also possible that you could have mistyped the e-mail address. In this case, please get in touch with us via our contact page.

We will contact you by phone or e-mail within 15 working days. If you do not hear from us for any reason, please get in touch with the contact person named in the confirmation e-mail.

Yes, in principle, you can apply for multiple vacancies at the same time. We will review your application on its own merits and irrespective of any other applications submitted and will respond to each application separately. In the event that you are offered a position, we will check with you whether you have any other applications with us that are still outstanding, and will discuss the next steps with you. Remember: sometimes, less is more.

Once you have submitted your application, you will be sent a login for your personal candidate profile by e-mail. You can then log into your profile at any time to see the current status of your application. Should you require more information, we advise contacting the named contact person in the confirmation e-mail.

After submitting your application, you can log into your individual candidate profile with your login. Here, you will find an option for withdrawing applications.

Of course! We’re always looking for new recruits. If you don’t want to miss out on any upcoming vacancies, we recommend signing up to our Job-Mail(opens in new tab).

Yes, we do. We are a Swiss company that relies on and is committed to diversity. In short, we welcome applications from outside of Switzerland. Simply select the vacancy that you are interested in and complete the Skill Check. This will show you whether you are a good fit for the position.

Please be aware that domestic preference does apply, meaning that preference is given to applications from Swiss residents / EU citizens.

Yes, you can. We will review your application and the skills you bring to the role. If you have the expertise we are looking for, we can support you in your work visa application although cannot guarantee the outcome.

Please be aware that domestic preference does apply, meaning that preference is given to applications from Swiss residents / EU citizens.

If you would like to mention it, you may, although it is not obligatory. We are primarily interested in your skills and your personality. If, however, you have a disability that affects your application in any way, such as dyslexia, it would help to mention it. We will then take this into account when reviewing your application documents.

We (and the environment) appreciate you submitting the application online via the application form.

Speculative application

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept speculative applications. Please apply for advertised vacancies only. To view our latest vacancies, you can visit our job portal and/or subscribe to our Job-Mail(opens in new tab).

Job interview

Swisscom uses first names right from the start of the application process. Your contact person will address you by your first name. If you are uncomfortable with this, please tell us before the job interview.

Depending on the position you are applying for, you will have a number of interviews; the first usually in the form of a telephone interview or Web conference. During these interviews, we are looking to find out if you have the necessary qualifications and skills for the advertised position and if you are a good fit for Swisscom. We will ask you various questions according to the job profile and the role. We are interested in your career to date and would like to know more about specific work situations, the way you work and how you interact with customers and colleagues to gain the most rounded picture of you possible. In the interviews, you will meet future managers and/or team members and will also have an opportunity to ask them questions. For more information about the different types of interview at Swisscom and your application, see Your application.

Error messages / technical information

Please upload your documents in one of the following formats: .pdf, .jpg, .png.

For any questions relating to the submission of documentation, you can contact us directly via our contact page.

Data protection

Your details will be used within Swisscom to find suitable vacancies for you. Under no circumstances will your details be passed to third parties outside Swisscom. All your documents will be deleted automatically after two years (you will find more information here(opens in new tab)). If you give us your consent to be added to our ‘candidate pool’, we will keep your data for a maximum of 5 years, after which time it will be deleted (you will find more information here(opens in new tab)).

Please contact us and ask us to delete your data. We advise that you do this via our contact page.

Anonymous applications

You can send us your anonymised CV, quoting the reference number of the vacancy, to in new tab).

Tips for your application

What should you include in your CV? Do you need a cover letter? How should you prepare for a job interview? Before completing your application, check out the tips from our HR crew.

Your application

Depending on the vacancy you are applying for, Swisscom offers three different ways to apply. We also do not require a cover letter for your application. Please visit the “Your application” page to discover more about the application process and our philosophy.

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In Corporate Functions, you are a partner to our business units, specialising in subjects such as Sustainability, Marketing and Communication, Strategy, Finance or HR.

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