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Stefano, why don't you start by telling us something about yourself?

I'd love to, I come from Illanz in Graubünden, my father is Italian and my mother is Swiss. That's why I grew up bilingual and was allowed to learn Rhaeto-Romanic in the first grade. I love cooking and socialising. I also like to play online games, although I wouldn't describe myself as a particularly ambitious gamer. What I enjoy most about online games is the contact with people in other countries and the resulting conversations about God and the world. I have lived in Unterland for around 20 years and have been working for Swisscom for about the same length of time.

What do you actually understand by diversity?

Diversity is not only expressed in the difference of obvious characteristics such as gender, age or main colour, but also in the hobbies, education or professional experience that one has had. Every person with his or her wealth of experience is an enrichment and I love to learn from other people.

What do you see as the biggest advantages of diversity?

I like to benefit from the different perspectives of my colleagues. I also make sure to get as many different opinions as possible when making decisions. In practice, this means that I don't just ask my colleague who thinks the same way, but also include a person with different characteristics and background.

What do you wish for yourself in the future in terms of diversity?

Well, I have always benefited from speaking different languages in my private and professional life. I would like us to promote and value linguistic diversity more at Swisscom.
I also still encounter people with prejudices about origin and gender. I would like to see these prejudices cleared up. I myself try to be a role model with my open and unbiased manner and to do my part.

Roxana Achermann

Roxana Achermann

Young Professional Diversity Management & Employment Relations

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