Marzieh and the Powercoders Academy


Marzieh and the Powercoders Academy

Powercoders is a coding academy for refugees and migrants that gives participants the opportunity to learn or improve their IT- and soft skills. The ultimate goal is to connect the trained participants with IT-companies and departments around Switzerland and therefore to integrate them in the Swiss labour market. As one of the leading IT-companies in Switzerland, we make use of this opportunity to fill our IT-vacancies with skilled and motivated people, no matter where they come from. Just recently, Marzieh Nopper started an internship in our INI (IT, network & infrastructure (INI) department, highly driven and full of energy.

Marzieh, welcome to our Swisscom family! Tell us a bit more about yourself. What’s your background?

Thank you for the occasion! I was originally born and raised in the north of Iran. I have a bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering and I’m in Switzerland since 2017.

So, you already brought your IT skillset with you. How did you get into the Powercoders Academy and what did you learn there additionally?

Since I moved to Switzerland, I was actively looking for a job. During that time, a friend of mine recommended me to join the Powercoders Academy. That’s how I got there.

At the academy, we mainly focused on basics in front-end developing, specifically HTML, CSS and JavaScript. As all the participants are foreigners, we also had weekly workshops in order to learn Swiss culture, Swiss work environment and finally to improve our soft skills.

Have you ever heard about Swisscom before applying to work here?

Yes, of course! I bought my first Swiss sim SIM card from Swisscom, so I was a client since the beginning. Well, I got to know Swisscom mainly through advertisements and by using its products and services.

A Swisscom fan from the beginning, that’s good to hear. How did you end up in our internship-program then?

After companies and participants got to know one another at a gathering, each had to make a list of their favorite participants or companies. Swisscom was on my list as the company I want to work for and apparently, I was also one of the participants that Swisscom chose to interview. So, when I got the opportunity, I tried my best to convince the interviewers. It was important for me to get to Swisscom, obviously because it’s one of the big and leading IT companies in Switzerland. But also because I knew I will have many opportunities to learn, grow and improve my skills.

What are your tasks and projects now at INI, the IT, network & infrastructure department?

We are now developing new features on Swisscom Direct Carrier Billing (payments). The features are blocking Carrier Billing for small and medium enterprise customers to avoid misuse, also adding the capability of checking the anonymous billing profile for eligibility (Amazon feature).

What upcoming challenges/opportunities are you most excited about?

The challenges which I’m looking forward to are the clean-up and refactoring of big data APIs, and Amazon on-boarding and testing. I’m sure I will learn a lot being involved in these projects and I’m grateful for the opportunity which was given to me.

Sounds interesting, thank you for your time Marzieh!

Olivier Marti

Olivier Marti

Junior Employer Branding Manager

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