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The diversity of being human - Swisscom is part of my family

Ivana Sambo is Delegate Public Affairs and Media for Ticino, has worked at Swisscom for around 30 years and has been a familiar face since the Swisscom Moment at the latest. Behind her exciting career, there is of course also an interesting personality.

Dear Ivana, why don't you start by telling us something about yourself and your life?

Well, I am the child of Italian immigrants and therefore a classic secondo. But I also call myself a Bergmeitli, as I was born in the canton of Glarus and spent a large part of my childhood there. When I was 12, we moved with the family to Winterthur, where I was asked for the first time whether I was a Tschingg. Imagine, I didn't know what that was back then (laughs). As a dual citizen, my heart naturally beats for both countries. I also love animals and enjoy entertaining guests and being surrounded by people.

For this reason, I also love my job; it allows me to work with exciting people again and again. The culture of trust and the development opportunities at Swisscom are also unique - Swisscom is unique! I started out as a temporary employee at Telecom PTT and was later able to support the "liberalisation of telephone devices" project. Since then, I have had the opportunity to take on a new role with a different activity every 5 years or so. Since I have been working as Delegate Public Affairs and Media, I have been increasingly committed to linguistic diversity at Swisscom.

Why is diversity important to you?

My goal for diversity is that we can meet each other without judging each other. We judge each other based on appearance, language or character traits. I don't take myself out of it at all and I'm quite a snob myself!

Nevertheless, I am firmly convinced that a conscious approach to diversity will make Swisscom an even better company. Happy, satisfied employees are committed employees and that's exactly what we need to be successful.

How are you committed to diversity?

As Delegate Public Affairs and Media, I am the voice of Swisscom in Italian-speaking Switzerland. But I also see myself as a representative of Italian-speaking customers. In order to meet the needs of customers and employees in Ticino, we need to involve the regions in communication and decision-making.

Thank you very much for the great interview and your commitment to a diverse Swisscom.

Diversity Team

Roxana Achermann

Young Professional Diversity Management & Employment Relations

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