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In today's fast-paced world, it is crucial to continuously learn and develop in order to successfully manage change.

Thanks to Swisscom's support, I was able to take on various management training courses at INSEAD in the areas of innovation, strategy and organisational leadership alongside my daily work. I was able to apply my newly acquired knowledge directly through case studies to drive Swisscom's business development and vision in the area of 5G and private networks.

One of the key learnings from my management training is the importance of embracing disruption and adapting to change. Disruptive technologies such as 5G and AI/ML have the potential to reshape entire industries and it is crucial that companies recognise opportunities early and adapt their strategies accordingly. It gets really exciting when we bring together the various innovation topics and draw a possible big picture for us and our customers.

In addition to technical expertise and an innovative mindset, effective leadership and collaboration are key to driving innovation. At Swisscom, I work with talented and diverse colleagues. Together we form a collective of knowledge and experience and support each other continuously. The collaborative atmosphere at Swisscom encourages open dialogue and allows us to leverage our collective knowledge and find creative solutions to complex challenges.

I joined Swisscom almost two years ago. Before that, I held various positions in our target vertical "Industry" at ABB and Schneider-Electric. These positions in expert, architect, manager roles and my technical background in electrical engineering and information technology enable me today to efficiently grasp technological trends and their practical application. This academic foundation is invaluable in my position as it allows me to assess the feasibility and viability of new innovative products and services. By combining my previous experience with the practical insights of my INSEAD education, I can bridge the gap between theory, practice and business and ensure that our business development is in line with our strategic goals.

As Senior Business Development Manager, it is not only important for me to promote personal growth and development. It is equally important for me to support my colleagues to create an environment that encourages continuous learning and improvement. By sharing my experience and knowledge, I want to empower my team members and help them realise their full potential. Together, we overcome the challenges of the ever-changing telecommunications landscape and use our collective expertise to drive innovation and deliver exceptional products and services to our customers.

For me, the path of learning and growing is a lifelong journey that plays a fundamental role in fostering innovation. By embracing disruption, fostering collaboration and constantly seeking new knowledge, we can ensure that Swisscom remains at the forefront of technological innovation and delivers breakthrough solutions for our customers. Together we learn, grow and shape the future as "Innovators of Trust" for ourselves and our customers.

Zoe Widmer

Nils Richerzhagen

Business Development Manager

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