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Learning Technology Awards 2020

Swisscom and Area9 Lyceum are among the winners for the Learning Technology Awards 2020.
Angelika Hähnel
Angelika Hähnel, Marketing Manager
24 November 2020

The Learning Technologies Awards are Europe's leading awards for learning in a business context and for the associated technology that supports this learning in the workplace. They are considered highly competitive in the learning award environment and winning one of these coveted trophies is a great achievement. A total of 74 awards were presented this year in a wide range of categories for the more than 500 entries.


We did it!

Swisscom and Area9 Lyceum are among the winners! We received 2x bronzes in the following categories on 18 November 2020:

  • "Best use of learning data analytics to impact learner and business performance"
  • “Best use of blended learning - international commercial sector”
Area 9 Blended Learning
Area 9 Data Analytics

Area 9 and Skill IQ

Skills IQ is a tailor-made multi-level and highly personalised learning programme that builds on unconscious incompetence (Adaptive Learning). It was developed together with Area 9 Lyceum for Swisscom.


Area9 Lyceum builds 21st century skills and competencies through the world's first four-dimensional learning platform Area9 Rhapsode ™.


This is what the jury says about our project:


Best use of blended learning - international commercial sector: „With a passionate and clever intro, Swisscom & Area 9 Lyceum had the judges at hello. A clever, data-driven solution built around understanding employees’ competence and metacognition showed a clear understanding of company culture and this awarded them a well-deserved bronze. The programme was learner-centric, used peers as trainers, demonstrated impact on sales performance and had a clear roadmap for the future. The submission proved that a simple twist on the traditional can yield excellent results!“


Best use of learning data analytics to impact learner and business performance: „The program was designed to solve a business problem and is steadily building results of BTB sales capability improvement. We were particularly impressed with how Swisscom's blended learning programme took a data-driven approach from the start and how both sales and customer satisfaction levels increased.“


We are very happy about these awards and a little proud of what we have achieved.


Getting better together - every day!

An article by:

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Angelika Hähnel

Marketing Manager

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