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Every end is a new beginning

Scrum Master Journey aka SMJ 2021 has successfully come to an end only to lay path for the next journey.
Himani Mishra
Himani Mishra, Lean Agile Leader
05 November 2021

SMJ 2021 started in January this year and ran through until September with highly motivated scrum masters and enthusiastic host/facilitators. On this journey we came across various relevant topics. These topics were chosen and prioritized by the participants themselves. Host and facilitators organized the gatherings around these topics.


Curious and open minds of participants gave spark to many interesting discussions and all went together to explore and learn even more. Diversity of topics helped to engage and amaze the participants throughout the journey. From conflict management to leadership skills, from team mastery to psychological safety, from distributed teams to feedback culture, all of this kept us intact together on this way of learning and growing in the role of scrum master.


This journey in true sense was a journey from the scrum masters to the scrum masters. Due to the pandemic, we hosted this journey exclusively online. This expanded our horizon and we had participants from all over the Swisscom locations, including Rotterdam.


We learnt a lot from each other's experiences and also had a chance to grow our networking. Continuous feedback helped the host/facilitators to adapt and improve the journey on the go.


On behalf of the core team, I would thank all the participants and facilitators who were with us in this journey and made it an excellent experience for all of us.


And as said everything comes to an end for a new beginning. We are excited and happy that this journey will continue with Matthew Long, Nadja Schönbächler and Thomas Erzberger as host for the next SMJ journey.


This will be all for now, but you will hear soon about the next SMJ. Till then stay tuned.


SMJ 2021 core team – Stefanie Richter, Patrick Kohler and Himani Mishra.

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Himani Mishra

Lean Agile Leader

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