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Talent on the Move: Kevin Schmid

In our "Talents on the Move" series, we introduce you to former and current Swisscom talents who have benefited from our internal talent programme "SCALE". In a year-long learning journey and beyond, our SCALE participants develop both personally and professionally. Today we report on Kevin Schmid, who made the step from Product Owner to Release Train Engineer. Enjoy reading!

In January 2022, you took over the position of Release Train Engineer (RTE) at the Central Configuration Management Data Base (zCMDB), marking a significant step in your development. How did this change come about and what helped you?

My Agile journey at Swisscom began years ago. I started as a Scrum Master and then worked as a Product Owner for several years. During the time when I continued to develop and manage a product in the role of PO, I realised that my passion lay in the area of "servant leadership". My network drew my attention to this position and after several interviews, I consider myself lucky to be part of this interesting organisation and, together with the teams, to make a significant contribution to the digitalisation of many applications.

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far in your new job and what do you particularly enjoy?

The speed of the zCMDB (Central Configuration Management Data Base) teams is extremely high. Jumping on this fast-moving bandwagon was definitely a challenge. In addition, I was not only able to get to know the colleagues and topics in zCMDB, but also many peripheral systems. As a central database, we have many dependencies on other Agile Release Trains (ARTs), so handling these dependencies is also a challenge. 

It is an incredible pleasure to be able to work with all the motivated colleagues and to learn from them.

What things at SCALE do you benefit most from in terms of your development?

In one of the first conversations (without me having mentioned anything about SCALE beforehand), I was told "We would be happy to give a SCALER this opportunity". SCALE helped me to get to know myself better and this was one of the things that motivated me to make this "move". In the SCALE network, I was able to get to know some people who have already completed a similar role or a similar move. I was able to benefit not only from my colleagues, but also from talent management through counselling/coaching. 

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you.

Aline Bosshart

Aline Bosshart

StepIn Talent Relationship Manager

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