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Talents on the Move: Gaël Roy

In our "Talents on the Move" series, we introduce you to current and former Swisscom talent who have benefited from our internal "SCALE" talent programme. Over the course of a year-long apprenticeship and beyond, our SCALEr*s expand both personally and professionally. Today we're telling you about Gaël Roy, who has taken the step up to become an Empowerer in the Future Work Experiences team.

On 1 July 2022 you took up the position of Empowerer in the Future Work Experiences team at B2B IT Solutions, marking an important step in your development. How did you approach this change and what helped you make it happen?

If I had to describe how I felt, it was like when I first joined Swisscom. Excitement, wanting to get to know my new colleagues and being able to put my experience to good use.

What helped me the most? I'd say learning the German language.

About 3 years ago, I took my family with me and moved to the canton of St. Gallen. I managed to perfect my German. This really helped me to expand my network. In the meantime, thanks to the German I was perfecting, I was able to do an internship with them and get to know the Future Work Experiences (FWE) Group. Having studied marketing, my aim was to develop active communications for western Switzerland about WorkSmartNOW. I came away with a really positive feeling.

This year, the FWE team decided to establish new roles. So I jumped at the chance. There are currently two of us as Empowerers, my colleague for German-speaking Switzerland and myself for Western Switzerland. Our aim is to develop and manage innovative training strategies for our large corporation clients who are moving towards the Future of Work.

What has been the biggest challenge in your new job so far, and what are you particularly looking forward to?

The biggest challenge? I now have to speak English, because most of our meetings are in that language. In my head, everything comes in German. So I have to start speaking it again, although we can communicate in any language we like. I'm glad I'm making the effort though, because by then I'll be able to say I speak three languages :-).

What am I particularly pleased about at this early stage? I'd say the confidence of my colleagues. They got me straight into the swing of things. They were there for me. I really feel the 'Team Spirit' in this team.

Together we set up webinars for a bank on the implementation of Microsoft Teams. I've already done this internally at Swisscom, but the contact isn't the same with large corporation customers. What's more, I had to take over a project along the way because we were a bit short on employees. The handover went perfectly, my colleagues trusted me and I got on well with the number of subscribers. I can say that after 2 months, I'm not doing too badly!

Looking back on your SCALE experience, what were the things you benefited most from in your development?

When I think back, the Development Centre was a motivating force for me. We all have potential. All you have to do is dig a little and you'll see that you can do it. You have to take the plunge and give it a go. The year with SCALE gave me that little extra confidence that I didn't have before.

Being part of this SCALE project helped me a lot in the application process. I would add that 'Networking' takes on a whole new dimension when you're part of SCALE. I took the time to get to know several people with whom I still keep in touch! Thank you for the programme and I hope it continues ;-).

Brigitte Sprenger-Rime

Brigitte Sprenger-Rime

Head of Sales Support and Operation West

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