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Talents on the Move: Jan Eska

In our "Talents on the Move" series, we introduce you to former and current Swisscom talents who have benefited from our internal talent programme "SCALE". Over the course of a year-long learning journey and beyond, our SCALE participants develop both personally and professionally. Today we report on Jan Eska, who has taken the step to become a Business Engineer & E2E Designer.

In June 2022, you took over the position of Business Engineer & E2E Solution Designer at Enterprise Mobile Offering (ART EMO @B2B Core Mobile), marking a significant step in your development. How did this change come about and what helped you?

In recent years, I have been able to broaden my horizons in many ways in the IT, Network & Infrastructure, Data, Analytics & AI (INI-DNA) division at ART Data Lake and, above all, take on technical and content-related responsibilities. This refers in particular to my growing role as a central person at the interfaces between business and source systems on the one hand and the target design in Data Lake or end-user applications on the other. In this way, over time I have been able to familiarise myself with many, many systems that are essential in the sales or marketing process and learn how they interact architecturally and procedurally. I would now like to go much deeper than "just" at the data processing level.

Of course, the contacts I have built up and developed over the years, especially with B2B Core Mobile, have also undoubtedly helped me make the switch.

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far in your new job and what do you particularly enjoy?

Knowing data from the central CRM, billing & rating and many other systems and knowing how to use them naturally helps a lot when getting started. However, the scope of the process world in particular really overwhelmed me. For example, when a B2B customer logs in via the My Swisscom Business portal to edit their portfolio or place a repair order for one of their devices, an incredible number of processes are triggered in all possible directions. As a Business Engineer and Solution Designer, however, you must not overlook any details and should always challenge even apparent facts. After all, customers can and will try out many things on a website, such as an Online Shop, in order to even circumvent mechanisms and gain advantages for themselves. At the same time, Swisscom must not allow itself to give the impression that it does not have the processes under control.

I am particularly excited about the intention to focus even more on gaining knowledge through data in Product Management. With my past, I naturally hope to be able to make a full contribution here!

What things at SCALE have benefited you the most in terms of your development?

There are many smaller and larger facets.

First of all, the SCALE certification is a real pledge in the application process, as it is highly recognised. And, of course, the many new contacts with fellow students or alumni are invaluable.

On a personal level, however, I believe it is above all the awareness of one's own development that is particularly strengthened during the SCALE programme - like an already rolling stone that is given an extra push. This motivates me immensely to continue on my chosen path. I also think that my horizon would be a lot narrower today without the experiences from the modules or the communities.

Aline Bosshart

Aline Bosshart

StepIn Talent Relationship Manager

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