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In January 2022, you took over the position of Communication Consultant in the IT, Network & Infrastructure, DevOps@Software or Individual Output (INI-DOS) division, marking a significant step in your development. How did this change come about and what helped you?

In my previous role, I was involved with INI-DOS from time to time. Among other things, I supported the ramp-up of the two Swisscom DevOps centres in Rotterdam and Riga. So #INI-DOS had been on my radar for a while, but I didn't really think there would be an opportunity for me as a non-techie. As luck would have it, the Communication Consultant position came up and I was approached by DOS. Extending beyond my role certainly helped me to get involved in topics, expand my network and gain more visibility in the organisation. On the other hand, thanks to SCALE, I was already mentally prepared to change jobs and had an up-to-date CV or the Talent App to hand for the application.

What has been the biggest challenge for you so far in your new job and what do you particularly enjoy?

The biggest challenge was and is immersing myself in a completely new area and a new way of working. At the same time, that's also what I enjoy the most. I have the feeling that my learning curve is currently developing exponentially and I'm being mentally challenged every day - that's just great!

What things at SCALE do you benefit most from in terms of your development?

I think it's the combination of professional input (modules, impulse events) and the exchange with the SCALE community (mystery talks, group work, aperitifs). This gives me an insight into new things, allows me to expand my horizons and gives me the opportunity to challenge ideas with a diverse group. This has already resulted in one or two flashes of inspiration that have helped me in my day-to-day work. And thanks to mentoring, I regularly reflect on my own development. That works better for me than a blocker in my diary ;)

Aline Bosshart

Aline Bosshart

StepIn Talent Relationship Manager

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