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Whilst in many a company brochure and on countless job sites, we may read that companies are invested in the professional development of their staff; if we are honest, the reality is often very different. In addition to lacking the time or the resources, the issue – although the benefits are obvious – can often be forgotten about in the day-to-day business. It is all the more important, therefore, that the individual employees become proactive and more consciously take advantage of proven processes for professional development. In other words, take the bull by the horns and find out what is on offer! It is not only the human resources department that is responsible for professional development. Both the individual employees and our managers are equally called upon to identify potential and take the initiative in nurturing and optimally leveraging it.

Constant development relies on networking

However, the appropriate environment must be created for this. It is important that the right resources are available, which enable employees to identify and develop their potential with a focus on strategically relevant topics. We want to provide our employees with the right tools to expand their skills and their network. This is why we offer a wide range of learning opportunities through our One Swisscom Academy platform, which is available to all. These include, among other things, company-relevant lean management training, workshops on agile ways of working or leadership courses, and opportunities for personal development through coaching. Not only can this content be consumed, it can also be created by individual employees to support peer-to-peer learning. The annual credit of five training days for CEA employees as well as the opportunities for developing talent are additional means of consciously addressing professional and personal development within Swisscom.

Constant development requires greater manager involvement

Line manager input is also key for the conscious nurturing of young talent. That is why it is important for us to give managers the tools to recognise and promote potential in their employees. Developing potential starts with personal initiative; however, leaders quickly act as catalysts by identifying potential, performance and ambition, and giving employees appropriate work opportunities. This includes letting talent move on: 

Sometimes you have to say goodbye to talent within your team. This is the only way they can acquire new experiences and create valuable synergies through cross-divisional cooperation. It also opens up new opportunities for other high-potential employees. If a manager is known for actively nurturing employees, they won’t need to wait long to attract potential successors. 

One thing is certain: in today’s work culture, employees are in the driving seat of their career and have to show initiative to enhance their marketability. In these times of agility, you have to be proactive. At Swisscom, we provide all of our employees, and not only participants of our talent programme, with the right tools. We are #ready to move mountains. Are you?

Tulu Budesa

Tulu Budesa

Talent Relationship Manager

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