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From occupational therapist to junior DevOps engineer

In today's dynamic working world, it is common for people to rethink their career path and turn to new professional challenges. My own career path is an example of this. My journey began over a decade ago with a degree in occupational therapy, but today I work as a Junior DevOps Engineer at Swisscom. Here is my story.

The beginnings of occupational therapy

Studying occupational therapy was my first course after graduating from high school and appealed to me because it focussed on my interests in medicine, creativity and working with people. Not only did I acquire extensive knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and psychology, but also the skills to help people manage their everyday activities despite health challenges.

After successfully completing my degree, I specialised in hand therapy and worked in various hospitals. It was an exciting time, working closely with patients to help them cope with everyday life independently after a hand injury or illness. This work required not only medical expertise, but also a deep understanding of the patients' needs and concerns. I found this work very exciting and challenging at the same time, as the continuous dialogue with other people and their fates required a lot of strength.

The search for new challenges

After a few years, I took some time out, including travelling around the world by bike and gathering new impressions. After returning home, I initially returned to my profession as an occupational therapist. But after a while I realised that it was time to develop my career further. At first, I sought these challenges in occupational therapy by attending further training courses and taking on additional tasks. But the decisive moment came when I decided to take a completely new course. This decision required courage, as it meant starting from scratch: a new degree programme, another period as an intern and resuming the role of a beginner in a new team.

The path into the world of IT

After careful consideration, I decided to study IT part-time at the ZHAW (Zurich University of Applied Sciences). This choice was based on my desire to learn a profession that would open up a wide range of career opportunities and lead me into a world that is constantly changing. It also allows me to work more flexibly and in a wide variety of industries.

At the beginning of the part-time programme, I kept my job as a hand therapist to finance my studies. The start was challenging, but I really enjoyed going back to school and continuously learning new things. The world of computer science is fascinating and offers endless possibilities.

After completing my first year of study, I had the opportunity to do an internship in software development. This phase was extremely exciting as I took my first steps in the IT world and gained valuable experience. This experience helped me to further develop my knowledge and skills in computer science.

The present and the future

Since last spring, I have started my first job as a Junior DevOps Engineer at Swisscom and am continuing my computer science studies, now in my 5th semester. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work part-time as a developer and apply what I have learnt directly in practice. My journey from occupational therapy to the world of IT has given me the opportunity to broaden my horizons, follow my passions and develop professionally. I am looking forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities that the future holds in store in the IT sector and I am excited to see where my path will take me in the future

Zoe Widmer

Zoe Widmer

Junior DevOps Engineer

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