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  • Swisscom wants to become the best DevOps company in Switzerland and as such, transformation of its portfolio into the Cloud is the groundwork to be done.
  • With Objective Cloud, we want to take the best learnings we’ve gathered from the previous years and to improve our cloud transformation principles.
  • Migrating enterprise applications to the Cloud is the key enabler for large enterprises on their digital transformation journey.

In the past, the migration to the Cloud was mostly performed in a primitive lift-and-shift approach. Today, we must do our Cloud Transformation in a Cloud-Native way.

In this article we would like to give you an overview of three important topics that we are working on when it comes to Objective Cloud. They are:

1. Journey to the Cloud
2. Cloud Transformation Roadmaps and Patterns
3. Cloud Engineering Mastery

1. Objective Cloud: Journey to the Cloud

The path into a successful Cloud world goes over a transformation of applications and a software oriented self-service Cloud ecosystem, to ensure the biggest possible autonomy, agility und efficiency for the DevOps teams.

We work in different teams to achieve the following objectives:

Cloud Strategy 2.0

We create a Swisscom wide Cloud Strategy (multicloud, transformation, quality before speed) to generate an optimal ecosystem for our system landscape.

Technology Mastery

We create a services ecosystem which gives to DevOps teams the autonomy they need, so they can take over the full responsibility of their applications. Additionally, we establish standards and best practices, which simplify a cooperation.

Cloud Transformation Roadmap Incl. Implementation

A comprehensive Cloud TransformationRoadmap helps the organization to meet the right investment decisions, to finance them and to implement them.

Engineering Mastery

DevOps teams and agile leaders have the necessary know-how to optimize the applications for the Cloud and to safely and autonomously use Cloud products and enabling services.

Cloud Enabling Services

The responsibilities for the Cloud inside of Swisscom are defined und accepted. The structure and financing support guarantee the process and the responsibilities.

2. Objective Cloud: Cloud Transformation Roadmap & Patterns

The Cloud Transformation Roadmap is neither a static artefact nor a program management tool. It’s rather a process that will help your team to take the right decisions in alignment with your common vision and mission. 

An important step in preparing the Cloud Transformation Roadmap is to assess which is the best Cloud Migration Pattern to be used for each application. Not all the patterns provide always clear benefits and not always is one pattern the best solution.

The Cloud Migration Pattern, or the famous <<6Rs>>, is an overview of different ways that applications can undergo a Cloud migration. It was initially developed by AWS(opens in new tab), what Swisscom adopted and reworked for our purposes.

3. Objective Cloud: Cloud Engineering Mastery

Now we would like to tell you a bit more about how we plan to enable our Engineers and teams for a successful implementation of a Cloud Transformation Roadmap of the applications.


Businesses are moving to the Cloud at a rapid pace and Cloud-Native architecture is exploding in popularity. The technological benefits of adopting a Cloud-Native strategy have a direct impact on business outcomes for a company like Swisscom. To expand revenue and to manage cost, it is crucial for businesses to operate and adapt faster, take immediate advantage of opportunities, reduce risk, and place customers at the center of everything. Cloud-Native architecture is foundational for achieving these outcomes. Using the Cloud is the way forward for us. 

We understand that organizations are in different phases of our Cloud Transformation and living in the era of Cloud Technologies requires different skills to fulfill existing and new job roles. With our Cloud Engineering Mastery initiative, we will enable teams and individuals to bridge skill gaps and advance their Cloud Maturity to drive effective Cloud Transformation towards the Cloud Master phase of our journey to the Cloud.

Learning Paths

Our engineers will have to enhance their engineering skills and establish a Cloud-Native culture in order to successfully implement our Cloud Transformation. With the Cloud Engineering Mastery Learning Paths, we provide the necessary Cloud Computing foundations knowledge and help deepen it in specific topics relevant to the role and current context.

Kristina Vajnand Golesworthy

Kristina Vajnand Golesworthy

Cloud Transformation Team and Project Lead

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