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Start Small, Think Big with Azure Analytics

It is easy to miss the changes in paradigms that accompany the adoption of feature-rich cloud services. With Azure Synapse Workspace, Microsoft offers a new cloud data warehousing methodology, bringing together stakeholders to collaborate on data while using the scalable power of Azure. I want to share my experiences with Azure Synapse Workspace and show you how you can accelerate your Data & Analytics journey with Azure cloud services.
Louis Leon Müller
Louis Leon Müller , Cloud Architect
14 October 2020

Cloud-Native Collaboration

With the right tools and the immediacy of cloud-native services, the times of long ticketing processes could soon be over. Azure Synapse Studio allows for fast data exploration of your Data Lake with SQL. Simultaneously, the Data Science team can do the same with Spark and both parties share a meta-data layer to keep track of the changes. Code snippets are generated with a few clicks and can be published once proven to be delivering value. With Power BI integrated into the single pane of glass, the data then can be rendered visible for the business. Once approved, rollout into production can take place.


Working with my colleagues and customers, I realized how we all were able to work on our part of the system, without losing track of each other. The meta-data layer kept us in sync while we worked most efficiently with our tool of choice. Azure’s ecosystem provides smooth interoperability of the services and innovative enhancements will add to the enhanced collaboration in the future.


While still in the public preview, Azure Synapse Workspace is taking a significant step toward the self-servicing nature of cloud-native computing. There are certainly some minor annoying things to fix, like the startup of the integration runtime to preview data, yet the advantages of a consolidated view of your data ecosystem prevail already.

Proof of Value Instead of Proof of Concept

PaaS and SaaS offerings are providing out of the box experiences, in which the focus shifts from technical implementation details towards the requirements of the business case. Data & Analytics is about creating value and Azure’s PaaS cloud services allow you to get proof of value fast and continuously. Start small, think big, and re-iterate.


Instead of gathering lists of requirements and features to test, you should focus on the outcome and find a first department to embark on the journey. Make sure your minimal governance requirements are fulfilled and proof value on a real use-case while exploring the additional necessary topics during your journey.


With a serverless SQL OnDemand service of Azure Synapse Workspace, working your data becomes a flexible task with low commitment. Once you know what you are looking for and need to scale, you can provision massively parallel processing pools, which will auto-scale according to your needs.

Sustainable Digital Transformation 

Azure from Swisscom aims at companies that not only want to benefit from all the services of a global provider, but also look for a reliable local partner to guide them on their way into the cloud.


As a next generation Managed Service Provider Swisscom has wide-ranging cloud transformation expertise and assists companies from the design stage right through to implementation, migration and operation of their cloud solution in sustainable manner. Our know-how and comprehensive services create added value for our customers.


We are curious to learn how you see the cloud data & analytics story. Tell us what your organization needs to drive the sustainable adoption of the digital transformation in data & analytics so we can help you to enable your journey to the cloud. Get in touch and let us shape the digital future together!


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