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The coolest DevOps Center in Europe

One of the main objectives of our DevOps organization is, to become the best and coolest DevOps@Software team! In order to reach this ambitious goal, we are investing in innovation, DevOps capabilities, Security, Agility and Autonomous Teams, Quality /Stability and Mastery.
Nikolina  Novosel
Nikolina Novosel, Management Assistant
21 October 2020

To be successful in the market we need the best software talents. However, our experience shows, that the Swiss labor market is not able to provide the needed amount of talents. This situation will even be intensified with strong recruiting competition in Switzerland. Therefore, always following the Swiss labor market rules, we have decided to start the Swisscom DevOps Center in Rotterdam which allows us to hire any kind of talents worldwide.


Our journey started in May 2019 when the Swisscom DevOps Center was founded as a subsidiary which is structured to complement perfectly the existing DevOps organization of Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. To start our operations in Rotterdam, NGTI, which is also a Swisscom company based in Rotterdam, was so friendly to sublet us office spaces. This support gave us a lot of time to ramp-up the DevOps center.


At the end of the year 2020 the Swisscom DevOps Center Rotterdam will already count around 140 employees and we are a very international company having people working from 40 nationalities from all over the world. A young team of an average age of 32 years is part of a start-up environment, backed-up by the number one telco provider in Switzerland and one of the leading IT companies.


Due to the constant growth, we needed to start searching for our own offices. We found the perfect match in the World Trade Center in the vibrant heart of Rotterdam. As from July 1st we are official tenant of the 18th floor. Two additional floors will follow to have a nice mix of working zone, collaborative spaces and even a fancy gaming area. Rotterdam is a very international and multicultural city, very easy to settle down and a great place to live.


The design across all three floors is based on the concept of a city as well as on Agile Collaboration. Attention has been paid to the openness, brightness and light transmission, which underlines the eccentric, oval shape of the office and offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. There are hardly any meeting rooms or walls. Many things can be easily moved and positioned as required.


It is a very exciting journey to become the best and coolest DevOps Center in Europe. The opening in Rotterdam is a key success factor of our strategy to insource external services which is an element in terms of war for talent, a massively increasing of our mastery level for DevOps and from the very beginning it was a project defined and formed by employees, for employees.

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