An exciting journey

II started as a trainee with nine other colleagues. This meant that we were able to get to know Swisscom within a year in the context of three freely selectable projects as well as training sessions and, of course, internal events. I was able to get involved in the areas of B2C direct marketing, SME strategy and human-centred design for key accounts and drive forward my own exciting projects. The network that I was able to build up during that year is still one of the biggest benefits of that time for me today.

Experience at the Swisscom Outpost in Silicon Valley

After the exciting year as a trainee, I continued in the SME division as Business Development Manager. It was an unforgettable time, as I was able to drive forward and realise several projects in a small team that nobody believed in at the time. The crowning glory of this time was the three months in Silicon Valley at our Outpost as part of an incubation programme. The time there was very formative, especially in terms of the mindset that is practised there. In America, you are considered experienced if you have driven a start-up to the wall at least once. They don't talk about failure or defeat, on the contrary, they celebrate the experience at a "Fuckup Night" and share the essential learnings. I then returned to Switzerland full of inspiration. In 2018, I was then able to complete the former SCALE talent programme and was once again able to meet many new and inspiring people from a wide variety of areas at Swisscom. In addition to the various sessions that were offered to us as part of the talent programme, the network is once again central, which makes life much easier in the further course of your work.

After four years in Business Development, I moved on to Strategic Marketing & Development in 2018 as part of my next development step. Here, I was initially able to create the marketing planning and strategy in the SME division, synchronise the sub-segments and plan the marketing budget. After the merger of Corporate and SME, the area of responsibility became even more extensive. Among other things, I took over the management of the "Data Driven Marketing" programme and the strategic development of the Account Bases Marketing approach in the Corporate segment.

Balanced working mum

During this time, it was not only very exciting and challenging at work, but a lot had also changed in my private life in 2020. I became the mother of a daughter and have had the privilege of working part-time in the same role ever since. Thanks to a great team, my helpful environment and good organisation at home, the division between work and private life works quite well and I always look forward to seeing my projects and colleagues after the family routine. Because one thing is certain for me: the most important and valuable thing about Swisscom is the people who work there. In addition to the content-related topics, they are the reason why I enjoy going to work every day!

Kathrin Flückiger

Kathrin Flückiger

Strategic Marketing and Development Managerin

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