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Career start with the IT Trainee Program

From Swisscom Student Day to IT Trainee. Paul Callens talks about the start of his IT Trainee Program at Swisscom.
Paul Callens
Paul Callens, IT Trainee
16 February 2022

At the end of my master's degree in Robotics at EPFL, I looked for an innovative company, a leader in its field. During this search, I received an invitation to the Swisscom Student Days. I attended the presentations and was able to ask all my questions to the trainees and presenters. I discovered the new IT trainee program that I am part of today. It consists of three 4-months projects in the teams of our choice. It's the perfect step between the university and the professional world. I meet many people and build strong links with trainees and colleagues met during the projects.

Not being sure whether I want to evolve towards technical or business, I could explore both possibilities by choosing projects in both fields.

Since I joined Swisscom, I worked for 4 months in a Data, Analytics and AI team on tools to improve the customer service callbot. In January, I moved on to a project in Human Resources where I'm doing data analysis of internal training and apprenticeship.

Halfway through the program, I have gained knowledge and experience through collaboration with my colleagues and the fascinating topics I am working on. At the end of this year, I will be much more confident when choosing my next assignment in a permanent position at Swisscom!

Either following your degree or master’s course or as part of your studies, we offer the perfect start to your IT career. Over a period of 12 to 18 months, you will work in IT projects of varying lengths at an employment level of 60 to 100% and be introduced to different business areas throughout the Group. You will also have the opportunity to attend various workshops on agility, human-centered design or intrapreneurship. This will allow you to get to know Swisscom in all its diversity.

Learn more about the IT Trainee program on our Website.

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