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Not a regular eight to five internship!

Nikodem Dabski started his career with Swisscom as an intern after graduating in software engineering. Today he works as a software developer. Read on to learn about his experience as an intern in Big Data and what he recommends to future interns.
Ines Petrovic
Ines Petrovic, Former Junior Online Marketing Manager (Employer Branding)
22 August 2018

Hi Niko, first of all thank you for taking some time to answer five questions, about your personal experience from your Step In Internship.

1. What were your expectations towards the Step In internship prior to joining Swisscom?

Summarized, my expectations towards the Step In internship were the following:
  • to work with Big Data technologies
  • to get the possibility to learn
  • to be challenged

2. Did Swisscom meet your expectations and in what terms did Swisscom surprise you?

In my case, Swisscom truly met all my mentioned expectations. What did surprise me though was, the atmosphere in the team I was working. It was one of the first to adapt an agile structure. I enjoyed shaping this initiative, which was later applied to the whole department.

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3. Although internships are often the entrance to the working world, many graduates assume that an internship is not sufficiently demanding. Does this prejudgment hold true?

Those assumptions are surely true for some companies, but it does not apply to the Swisscom internships. When I finished my time as an intern, I got the chance to stay with Swisscom and my job did not change at all. This proves that I was charged with complex tasks as an intern already. An internship at Swisscom is basically a full-time job, where you are given a lot of responsibility but also the opportunity to learn and grow.

4. What where the significant factors that persuaded you to pursue your career within Swisscom after your internship?

To say it as simple as it was, I always had a smile on my face on my way to work. After my internship I applied for another position with Swisscom, but since the company knew my skills and my interests they offered me another job which matched my profile much better. This accommodated approach from the employer side was very valuable for me.

5. As a former intern, to whom you would recommend an internship at Swisscom and to whom rather not?

It is surely a great way to start a professional journey or to switch the career path. However, applicants should be aware they will not be told what to do. Interns who are looking for a regular eight to five job will have a hard time here. The Step In internship is for proactive people, who seize initiative and are motivated to drive their teams forward.

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Ines Petrovic

Former Junior Online Marketing Manager (Employer Branding)

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