A remarkable work-life balance

In addition to my work as a financial accountant in the B2B sector, I am also training to become a federally certified farmer. Not exactly a typical training programme. I had originally planned to do additional training in finance, but I couldn't make up my mind one hundred per cent. So I decided without further ado to start a new path as a farmer. Even as a child, I spent every free minute on our neighbour's farm and admired the hard work of the farmers and the many animals.

Thanks to Swisscom's flexible working model, I can combine my professional and personal commitments very well. It is precisely this flexibility that enables me to complete my training alongside my job with a high workload. It's a privilege for me to have this opportunity and I really appreciate it.

Once a week I attend school at Strickhof in W├╝lflingen to gain practical and academic experience as a farmer and to expand my knowledge. This training requires a lot of time and commitment, as in addition to attending school I also have to do homework, study and manage all the practical time. Nevertheless, I enjoy the versatility and variety that this training and job brings.

Most people who hear about my training find it hard to believe. The combination of a career as a financial accountant and training as a farmer seems unusual and incompatible. However, the enthusiasm I show for my training quickly convinces people of my determination and commitment. I have now managed to combine my passion for farming with my profession. I see my apprenticeship as a kind of school of life that provides valuable experience and skills. The ability to juggle the many different tasks and responsibilities has made me a very organised and structured person. It shows me that it is possible to pursue different interests and passions while building a fulfilling career. Sometimes the seemingly impossible is still possible - thanks to Swisscom.

Christa Rudolf von Rohr

Christa Rudolf von Rohr

Financial Accountant

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