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Erica Kessler: You're currently in the Working Lounge in Worblaufen. How do you feel in this colourful environment?

David Luyet: I feel really comfortable because it suits my daily programme and my mood. That's the wonderful thing about Swisscom, that I can freely choose my workplace and place of work. Incidentally, this flexibility is one of the arguments that is seen as positive when we are in contact with candidates.

What was your career like at Swisscom?

It was a coincidence. I was working for a recruitment consultant and researched Swisscom to find out more information and found it an exciting environment. I then applied in the traditional way in response to an advert. The employees I met during the interviews were all enthusiastic about the company and the culture. That really impressed me and tipped the scales in favour of joining Swisscom. I started as Senior Recruiting Manager in July 2017 and today, as Head of Attraction & Sourcing, I am responsible for employer branding, HR marketing, recruiting and active sourcing with my team.

Active sourcing is a foreign word to some readers. Can you explain what it is?

In contrast to the traditional application process, in which the company places an advert and then waits for applications, in active sourcing we take a step towards the candidates with online and offline activities. For example, at a sponsored Swisscom event, via our own events, via the network, through research on LinkedIn or through interactions with Swisscom newsfeed posts, such as those from our CEO Christoph Aeschlimann.

I know you love active sourcing. Why?

I like my job because we open opportunities and doors for active and passive job seekers, present the attractiveness of Swisscom and can report on new jobs. This is how we attract talent to Swisscom and build up the talent pool.

"Talent Attraction fascinates me because I can open doors and opportunities for talented people at Swisscom"

You have been working in recruitment at Swisscom for more than eight years. What has changed in online recruitment and active sourcing in the IT sector?

They are worlds apart. In the beginning, we placed adverts and the aim was to be present on many job boards. There was no active sourcing back then. Now I lead a team of over 25 employees in the areas of employer branding, recruitment marketing, recruiting and talent attraction. The aim is to attract new employees to Swisscom. We work very intensively and almost daily with LinkedIn.

"The recruitment world has turned round"

At Swisscom, we are pioneers in many innovations, including recruitment. And we have the ambition to remain a pioneer.

"At Swisscom, we are pioneers in active sourcing"

How can we generate more attention as recruiters and attract more talent?

When we actively source, we do 70% of this with the LinkedIn Recruiter tool and through targeted searches on various platforms. We attract candidates and build up our talent pool.

Candidates usually look at the recruiter LinkedIn profiles first. The more professionally and transparently we present ourselves, the easier it is to make contact and the higher the response to our contact requests.

We have continuously increased our response rate in recent years and are doing very well compared to the industry average. Of course, this also depends on the jobs we offer talented people. If a job needs to be filled that is challenging and highly sought-after in the market, the response rate is lower. However, professional profiles help to get more responses.

I am happy to share a personal experience: Since the LinkedIn training, I have a "Call to Action" in my profile: "If you are looking for a job at Swisscom, please contact me." It works: The talents read it and send contact requests.

"I regularly get contact requests on LinkedIn since I have a call to action in my profile. This gives me an advantage"

As an active sourcer, it is also important to create proximity and lower the hurdle to initial contact with good and informative LinkedIn profiles. Ultimately, it's about being authentic, both in your online presence and in personal conversations.

A professional and informative profile of our recruiters is the foundation for success. All recruiters have an authentic profile and a strong personal brand.

What were two key learnings from the content marketing workshops to position the employer brand attractively in the newsfeed and make people want to apply for a job at Swisscom?

The most important thing is a content marketing strategy. A concept for content and continuity of published information (newsfeed, personal posts) are essential.

My second learning is that it's about more than just sharing jobs: We can and must also communicate what we offer as an employer, what makes up our culture, what the special features are in the department or team. The right hashtags in the posts help active and passive job seekers to find us and apply or contact us. We have created the #JoinSwissscom hashtag, which we communicate prominently in the profiles and in the newsfeed. The third thing I realised was the potential of post-processing likes and comments.

I look a lot more in the newsfeed to see what happens with the posts. Who likes and who comments on my own posts or on posts by my colleagues. I look at the interactions with the posts, for example from Christoph Aeschlimann and other decision-makers at Swisscom, and take action.

What important points/information should be included on a LinkedIn profile?

Since the relaunch of the Swisscom careers page In mid-April 2021, candidates will have the opportunity to apply with their LinkedIn profile, among other things. The LinkedIn profile should therefore be better than the CV - but should at least contain the following elements:

The professional experience, with details such as: What was the role? What were the responsibilities and activities?

The info section, the career history: announce who I am, what I'm looking for, what my expertise is and what my career aspirations are.

A profile photo is mandatory and should match the profile and be up-to-date. Unfortunately, job seekers are still far from realising this.

If you want to be found, you need a LinkedIn profile that communicates your skills and the training you have completed. Which groups are followed can also be decisive. With LinkedIn Recruiter, we can search specifically for these elements and talents are found more quickly.

Erica Kessler

Erica Kessler

LinkedIn Strategin, Trainerin, Dozentin und Referentin

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