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The Remote Developer's Playbook

The Remote Developer's Playbook: Strategies for Staying Connected and Focused
Tolunay Üklimekçi
Tolunay Üklimekçi, Leader for Teams
18 April 2023

Tolunay Üklimekçi: What inspired you to pursue a career in software development or your specific role within the team?

Tatyana Merlo: It was important to me to select a career that is constantly evolving and can provide me with ongoing challenges. I have a real passion for problem-solving, and software development offers exactly that with its ever-changing landscape. Although there is a common misconception about the nature of software engineering at larger companies, it has become a profession that heavily relies on collaboration and teamwork, which I thoroughly enjoy. Being able to work with talented individuals from different parts of the world is one of the many aspects of my work that I find rewarding.

Tolunay: What strategies do you use to stay focused and productive while working remotely?

Tatyana: We operate in a hybrid system that allows us to enjoy the advantages of both in-office and remote work. In-office days facilitate better collaboration with colleagues and also provide a crucial social element that benefits the team. On my remote workdays, I follow the same morning rituals as I do on in-office days to put myself in the right mindset. Additionally, I have tailored my home office setup to meet my specific needs and have designated a separate workspace solely for work purposes. I have a dedicated desk that I use exclusively for remote work. These strategies, combined with Swisscom's trust in its employees to work remotely, make it effortless for me to stay focused. I appreciate these quiet workdays, which allow me to delve into complex topics in greater detail.

Tolunay: How do you continue to learn and grow professionally in your role within the agile team? Are there any specific resources or practices that you find particularly valuable?

Tatyana: Coming from a banking background, which is typically a very hierarchical environment, I truly value the weight given to employees' opinions within the team, regardless of their rank. Open communication and a willingness to share knowledge are prevalent, which supports personal growth and contributes to the team's success. Swisscom places significant emphasis on learning and development, offering five personal education days per year, multiple platforms to enhance skills across a range of areas, and opportunities to earn certifications.

Tolunay: How do you establish trust and foster strong relationships with your colleagues when working remotely in a geographically dispersed team environment?

Tatyana: Our agile setup makes it easy to stay connected and collaborate as one team, no matter where we are based. Swisscom also encourages us to travel to other work locations and take part in events like the Swisscom Games to meet our remote colleagues in person. I enjoy working with people from different parts of the world, and the diverse perspectives they bring are a valuable asset to our workplace. I value the work relationships I have formed with my remote colleagues and appreciate the opportunities we have to connect on both a professional and personal level.

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